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We make well-crafted, beautiful, and functional clothing–because clothing you love is clothing you keep, mend, and use for years.


Watch and Learn with Liz

Liz takes her own measurements and guides you through the steps of selecting your size.


Beyond Living Wages

Every garment is hand cut and sewn by Sew Co., a Living Wage Certified, low-waste facility located in Asheville, North Carolina’s River Arts District. 100% of their employees are paid at or above a living wage, participate in the company's direction and decision-making, *and* they're working toward employee ownership.

Climate Neutral Certified

We measure and offset 100% of the emissions it takes to run our business, produce our garments, and deliver them to you. We’re always working to reduce our carbon footprint, too–one current goal is for all scrap material larger than 10" x 10" to be designed into new products. All remaining waste is up-cycled.

Designed For Sustainability

The most sustainable garment is the one you use often and for a long time, and we design to that end. Every design decision is carefully considered to maximize comfort and durability. We only use all natural fibers which are biodegradable and produced using renewable resources.

You Say It Best


Stylish yet so utilitarian as well.

First outing was my Saturday farmers market where I’m juggling keys, glasses, cell phone…it was more than up to the task. It’s comfortable and I will probably live in it as the weather turns chilly.

Clyde Vest in 8oz Indigo Denim

Catherine B.

Worth every cent!

This is my second pair of Clyde Work Pants...They are such a beautifully designed pair of pants. I wear them casually on the weekend and dressed up with a blazer for work. I will be wearing these for years to come.

Clyde Work Pant in Upcycled Cotton Canvas

Renee B.

I wear it 5 out of 7 days a week.

The most functional, most comfortable garment I have ever owned. The linen is soft and sturdy. Easy to iron and looks great wrinkled. I love my Harper Tunic.

Harper Tunic in Midweight Linen

Riley D.

Forever piece.

The quality and style are impeccable. I will have this piece for many, many years - timeless!

Clyde Trench in Upcycled Cotton Canvas

Erin F.

Stylish wardrobe staple.

This piece (like all ES garments I've purchased) is well made, and wears beautifully...I view ES pieces as lifelong investments because they're timeless in style, and very durable. ES has shown me the value in buying less, but spending more for quality. If you're on the fence, go for it!

Clyde Jacket in Upcycled Cotton Canvas

Rebecca R.

These pants are transformative!

I’m two months postpartum and have been having a lot of trouble accepting my new body and being patient as I try to shed those extra pounds. Nothing I have worn has improved my self esteem or helped me feel comfortable in my skin. However, as soon as I put these pants on I felt like myself again.

Clyde Work Pant in Upcycled Cotton Canvas

Evelyn G.
My mission is to create
Clothing that feels like home

I started designing my own clothing over a decade ago because I was struggling to find garments that felt comfortable to me--both aesthetically and physically.

I was constantly at war with my wardrobe: pants that were too stiff and tight and made my waist ache, fussy blouses or dresses that only looked good when adjusted "just-so", or colors and fabrics that felt unnatural against my skin.

My initial endeavor to solve these functional and stylistic issues for myself turned into a deep love for the transformative power of (the right) clothing, and a devotion to changing the way an archaic industry treats its workers, customers, and natural resources.

I hope that I can share some of my experience with you through my work and help you feel more at home and at peace when getting dressed.

When you feel at home in your body and in touch with what clothes it, you are free to focus your energy on what matters most. That's what I want for you.

- Liz (owner/designer)