June 08, 2016 • All / Editorial

This March, we traveled to NYC to photograph the SS16 Collection. I’ve written before about the inspiration for this season - warm weather, traveling, learning and engaging, the outdoors and the sunshine, the ease and contentment of being with family. The collection is about true comfort, enjoyment of life, and finding a way to dress well for those fullest moments. I pictured some of the happiest warm-weather moments of my life, and found myself sharply remembering a few particular experiences. Many of them were in the woods, near the ocean, of car rides along tree-lined roads, but several were of travels to cities I hold dear.

One was a trip my mom and I took to New York City when I was a sophomore in college. We went in the middle of summer. It was hot and sticky, and we wore sundresses and sandals and sunglasses everywhere. We went to museums, pored over the racks in vintage boutiques, ate uptown, downtown, in Chinatown and Little Italy, laid in the grass to watch a movie in the park in Brooklyn, went to the flea market and every Salvation Army we could find and schlepped trash bags full of thrifted finds through the subway, were fascinated by the wholesale shops on Broadway, ducked into dark bars for a cold sangria during the hottest part of the afternoons. It is one of the strongest summertime memories I can recall. I don’t remember much of what we talked about or the things I bought - but I remember laughing a lot, being determined to take in as much of the city as we could every day, and collapsing into bed exhausted each night.

It isn’t just dressing well for such an occasion that inspired the collection, it is the place itself  as well. I am touched that we were able to shoot this collection in a city that holds so many of my most-treasured memories. The architecture and geometry of the city-scape and my time spent in the museums there played a large role in developing the shape-based theme of the collection.

We chose to work with a model who has been a muse of ours for a long time - Lisa Przystup of James’ Daughters Flowers. She is a real Renaissance Woman (a term not used often enough, I think). She is an insanely talented florist, lives in Brooklyn with her musician husband, is a fashion and sometimes beauty writer, and has a wondrously travel-filled life. I was captivated not only by her look, but by her innate sense of style and how perfectly she embodied the essence of the SS16 Collection. She dresses how she wishes, and always appropriately for the adventure at hand. Her pairings are lively, unexpected, but flattering, and always paired with a perfectly messy head of hair - much like her work with flowers (except for the hair part).

It was a pleasure to follow Lisa around - capturing her in our SS16 Collection at so many of New York’s most awe-inspiring places. We visited museums and were struck by the perfect complement so many of the simplified, geometric sculptures were to the garments. The artwork, the architecture, the shadows - all echoing the lines and shapes that were the foundation to this season. I hope you enjoy the images we captured - I feel so honored to witness the realization of the vision I had for these garments. To see them in museums, cafes, and on the city streets I designed them for, worn by a discerning woman who has truly mastered the art of dressing well.

Photographed by Zachary Gray for Elizabeth Suzann.
Lisa wears the Diane Trench in Flax Hemp Twill and Ivory Hemp Twill, the Olina Jumpsuit in Black Silk Crepe, the Petra Crop in Flax Hemp Twill, the Nadeen Trouser in Flax Hemp Twill and Ivory Hemp Twill, the Bel Skirt in Moss Silk Crepe, the Inez Crop in Moss Silk Crepe, the Stevie Tie Top in Ivory Cotton Voile and Black Silk Crepe, the Annie Shirt Dress in Hemp Gauze, the Jolene Pant in Natural Cotton Twill, the Keaton Duster in Flax Hemp Twill, and the Elodie Work Belt in Flax Hemp Twill.
Note: Some items in this blog post were a part of a past collection and may no longer be available.