July 01, 2014 • Behind the scenes


It's been a big summer full of change.  Most notably, we moved into a new studio!  We outgrew our smaller place in mid-town, and found an old warehouse in an industrial neighborhood that had the space and layout we needed.  It also needed a lot of work.  Two long, hot months of renovations, and we're finally settled!

This is by far the biggest and most trying project we've ever tackled, especially since we launched a new collection and rebranded site in the midst of it all, but it was so worth it.  We've got room for the whole team to spread out and work, a place to have meals and meetings, and we even have a yard and garden, so all the four-legged friends can come hang.  Overall, it's made our lives easier and been a big step for the business as well.

Another neat thing - we now have a retail showroom up front, so customers can come shop in person!  It's not quite finished, but we'll be sure to share the details when it's up and running.  For now, take a look around our new workspace!  Photography by Zachary Gray.

Also, just for fun - here's a little peek of where we started and our renovation process:


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