April 20, 2015 • Editorial / Process

I struggle with prints and patterns. I'm so drawn to them when I'm shopping and exploring - there is something about rich, vibrant, chaos in textiles that attracts my eye and mind (probably explains my abundance of rugs). However, I find myself overwhelmed by heavy print when it comes time to get dressed, and usually fall back on my comfortable, basic essentials.

Stripes however, feel like a natural extension of my beloved neutrals. They are utterly timeless and understated. They give a visual interest that can sometimes be lacking in a wardrobe of solids, no matter how beautiful. I've always felt comfortable in a simple striped tee, and it gives me a little bit of that elusive french girl magic every woman longs for.

When I considered adding pattern to the collection, stripes were the obvious fit. I picked colors that felt both classic and fresh - you can never go wrong with the ultimate navy and white stripe, or for those a little more ambitious, I love the crisp green and white.  The fabric is our constant favorite - luscious washed linen - and nothing's more summery than a simple, striped linen tee.  As nautical and coastal as stripes can be, I love how edgy and modern the matching sets look - right at home on city streets.

We take great care in the construction of these garments - when you introduce pattern into clothing, you have to be mindful of how the pieces align. Matching the stripes on shoulder and side seams takes a lot of time, precision, and patience, but the end result is a beautiful, seamless, quality garment. These are tees, dresses, and pants that you're going to want hanging around for a while.

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