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Jessie Baylin

I discovered Jessie Baylin when I first moved to Nashville. I was teaching a sewing class at the fine arts college here, and I played Little Spark on repeat while we worked our way through the semester. I had no idea how beloved she was here in town, no idea that we'd have the opportunity to work with her, and no idea what a gem of a woman she is. Her music became a staple here in the studio as our team grew, and when we were able to set up this shoot with her, I was beyond thrilled. Jessie is a genuine artist - her work is personal, touching and inspiring, and her newest album Dark Place takes it to a completely other level of intimate. She's the kind of woman I find myself aspiring to be, with a creative depth I always fear will elude me.

Dressing artists has always been my intent - and while not all of our customers earn their living through art, I think so many women are creating and living their lives in a way that I wholeheartedly consider artistic. Having the opportunity to shoot with a talented musician like Jessie was so affirming, and it was wonderful to learn firsthand that she's just as genuine and open as her music. Her support of this city and its growing creative community makes me even more of a fan, and the folks at the 404 Kitchen (where we photographed her) clearly felt the same - they knew her by name as she walked in and asked about her beautiful family. Thanks for hanging out with us for the afternoon, Jessie! I implore you to get familiar with Jessie and her music, it will not disappoint. For an instant shot of driving-through-the-desert-with-the-windows-down-on-a-hot-August-afternoon vibes, I recommend one of my favorite tracks, "Yuma."

CITY: Nashville TN, via The Valley in Los Angeles. Born in Gillette, New Jersey.

OCCUPATION: Singer/Songwriter & Mother.

FREE TIME: Cooking for my family & friends.

WEEKEND PLANS: Farmers Market in Franklin, TN with my daughter - feasting on homemade donuts, Chicago-style hot dogs & picking up local produce for the week. Rosè on the deck once the sun starts to set & grilling up the summer bounty.

DREAM: To live off the grid with Tesla batteries.

TUNES: Gal Costa's Gal Costa, Damien Jurado's Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Sun, Nina Simone's Wild Is the Wind.

READS: Be Here Now, by Ram Dass.

EATS: I love ordering paddlefish caviar from Kelley's Katch and enjoying it with salty potato chips & a dollop of crème fraîche. Seafood is my thing.

ES FAVORITES: The new boots (coming out in September)! And my flax tee because it truly goes with everything.

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Photographed by Chelsea O'Leary for Elizabeth Suzann.
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