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Maryanne Moodie

I was a huge fan of Maryanne's long before we connected personally. Working with textiles all day, I have found weaving to be an art form that really appeals to me. The texture and simplicity of woven yarns wrapped in a neat rectangle just feels right. In the weaving world, Maryanne is an icon - her work is widely known, she is experimental in a field that can be all too homogenous, and is also an incredibly kind human and teacher. Her weaving workshops are super popular, and I can't wait for the day when I can attend one myself!

It's an honor to have an artist like Maryanne in Elizabeth Suzann. She brings such life and color to our pieces, and she wears them the way I always hope women do. She is a mother with a growing business in Brooklyn, and knowing that our garments work for her life is a huge compliment. She shared some kind words about our clothing on Instagram a few months back during her pregnancy, and she had no idea but her words made a big impact on the entire team here at the studio. In the midst of production, it can be easy to get tired and miss the beauty in what we do, and she made sure we remembered. Get to know Maryanne and be sure to check out her work - but be forewarned, you're going to have major weaving lust. Thank you so much for giving us a peek into your world Maryanne!

CITY: Brooklyn NY. Born in Melbourne Australia.

OCCUPATION: Weaver, Teacher & Mama

FREE TIME: Forever seeking nature times preferably by the water.

WEEKEND PLANS: Hanging out with my guys in Brooklyn, cooking feasts, running around the park and teaching weaving workshops.

DREAM: To settle down on some land by the water in Australia in a home that we have designed ourselves. There is a little studio with a view for weaving and lots of open space for my boys to live a wild life. There is fresh coffee and delicious sourdough bread and the record player is always playing. Friends and family are close enough to swing by every weekend.

"Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac
"Make 1, 2" by Arthur Russell
"Modern Love" by David Bowie
"Never Stop Loving You" by The Harpoons
"So Long Marianne" by Leonard Cohen
"That was Your Mother" by Paul Simon
"Under my Thumb" by The Rolling Stones
"Heart Skipped a Beat" by The XX

READS: Apart from vintage weaving books, I only read actual novels in hardcopy. I cant get my head around reading for pleasure and relaxation on a screen. The feeling of paper in my hands and the motion of turning a page just hits the spot. I also have a large collection if vintage Penguin Classic books that i have picked up from charity shops over the years. In terms of Modern authors: Miranda July, Haruki Murakami, Chuck Palahniuk and David Sedaris. Holiday reading is all about the magazine: Apartamento, Kinfolk, The Plant, Taproot.

EATS: Soba noodles over avocado, tomato and basil with pan fried Salmon. Mix up Soy, Rice Vinegar, sesame oil and wasabi. So Yum!

ES FAVORITES: I have three different versions of the Georgia Tee. It is simple and beautifully cut. It fits in with mothering two little guys as well as looking sharp for an evening out. I also love, love my Georgia Dress and the Harper Tunic. Easy pieces with a nod to luxe beginnings.

Follow along with Maryanne and her work online:
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Photographed by Jenna Saraco and Nicole Steriovski of Local Creative for Elizabeth Suzann.
Note: Some items in this blog post were a part of a past collection and may no longer be available.