February 06, 2016 • Our muse

Rosie Kovacs

I so admire Rosie's skill - she has the eye and commitment to detail and quality that many good designers strive for. She co-founded and runs the hand-crafted furniture and home goods studio, Brush Factory, in Cincinnati. Their work is incredible: modern, sleek, mid-century inspired, substantial, and impeccably crafted. They use traditional joinery techniques and solid wood construction not often found in this style of furniture. I think that fact is what drew me to Rosie's work the most and is something that resonates with what I am striving to do in my own work.

There are many heritage wood-workers and artisanal clothing manufacturers that use traditional, old-world techniques to increase the quality of their goods, but there are very few that employ those techniques and also make goods with a modern, minimal aesthetic. Handcrafted furniture and clothing typically have a very rustic, Americana spirit (which I love and admire!), but I find it interesting and refreshing when a designer is able to marry time-honored practices with cutting-edge style. 

I loved seeing how Rosie styled our Signature pieces - the way she embraces color gives her such a strong point of view. She is fearless in her own work and in her dressing, and there is nothing more striking than seeing a woman dressed boldly and confidently and entirely as herself.

CITY: Cincinnati, OH

OCCUPATION: Designer and Owner at Brush Factory

FREE TIME: What little free time I have aside from project managing interior design projects at our studio and wood shop and launching a line of furniture, I spend it cooking meals from scratch for me and my darling Hayes. I also spend a lot of time dancing at DanceFix and tending to my many house plants.

WEEKEND PLANS: Dance class for sure! Findlay Market visit... maybe a motorcycle ride along the Ohio or a hike on Sunday.

DREAM: Well, if all goes well, my dreams of designing my own house in one of Cincinnati's finest historical neighborhoods might come true next year. Fingers crossed! Long term I would love to learn how to deep ocean dive, study marine life and learn to surf.

TUNES: Classical is mostly what I hear in the wood shop from day to day. I'm really feeling FKA Twigs these days.

READS: Ask by Ryan Levesque and From Good to Great by Jim Collins.

EATS: Anything with avocado and lime.

ES FAVORITES: When I discovered ES, I was so excited to see a designer making RTW in 'real' fabrics... and by that I mean natural fibers that breathe and wear well over time. I'm so burned out on fast fashion made of crappy blends that fall apart or end up smelling weird. I'm digging on the Artist Dress over top of the Florence Pant. Cozy, versatile and perfect for the fall. I love how the pants are cropped above the ankle. This will keep the look from being too baggy.

Follow along with Rosie and her work online:
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Photographed by Brooke Shanesy for Elizabeth Suzann.
Rosie wears the Florence Pant in Charcoal and the Artist Dress in Taupe.
Note: Some items in this blog post were a part of a past collection and may no longer be available.

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