July 10, 2018 • All

Friends! I know you’ve been patiently awaiting the return of our Alabama Chanin x Elizabeth Suzann collaboration. These garments are pretty special; they were designed to dovetail with our made-to-order woven collection and provide layering pieces, slimmer silhouettes, and stretch fabrications. You all thought they were pretty special, too - our pre-order for this collection sold out in under three minutes! That’s really amazing, but it also demonstrated that demand for these garments was much higher than anticipated. We used the sales data from the pre-order to help us determine what to produce next and in what quantities. Since March, the crew down in Florence, Alabama has been working on producing inventory for our next restock. We tripled the size of that initial restock based on the performance of the pre-order, which is why we missed our original launch date in May. We’ll have the final shipment of that order in the building in a few weeks, at which point we’ll restock them on the site. Despite the data we gained from the pre-order and our increased restock size, there is still a chance these will sell quickly. It’s hard to gauge long-term demand from one data set, and it will take time to determine the running inventory needs for this collaboration.

To that end, we’ve enabled restock notifications on our site for this collaboration. If you are planning to purchase a piece from this collaboration, please sign up to be notified about the product(s) you plan to buy. This won’t guarantee you a garment, but it will ensure you get an email notification as soon as the collection is restocked on the site. It will also provide us with crucial information regarding remaining demand and will help us better prepare for this and future restocks. It may even allow us to get ahead of things and get a subsequent order rolling now if this restock looks like it will sell out quickly. If you are wondering why we don’t simply place a massive order that has no chance of selling out, there are several reasons: labor and material resources always have limitations; we never want to create excess waste or inventory if it’s not needed, and managing cash flow is a game of nuance. Gathering as much information as possible is critical, and over ordering product is not a risk I take lightly because the repercussions are serious. I appreciate you all navigating this with us and helping us make the most responsible decisions we can.

That said, we sincerely want those of you who have been waiting for a garment from this collaboration to get those pieces in your closet! So, we won’t be promoting this restock loudly. If you have your heart set on something, sign up for notifications, and you’ll receive an email as soon as they’re live on the site. We expect the final shipment to arrive in late July, but we won’t be publicizing the date or time of the restock in order to avoid a hectic launch day and let those who’ve signed up for notifications to have the best chance of purchasing. Our hope is that by increasing our restock order like we did, we’ll have plenty of inventory, but there’s no way to be certain. By signing up for notifications, we’ll be able to get a better idea of whether or not that’s true, and you’ll be sure to get an alert.

Sound good? Click through to our site to sign up! I truly can’t wait for these garments to find their way into your closets and lives.

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