On any given day from fall through spring, you can find me in a good sweater. Despite my love for it, knitwear is not my expertise. So to bring the pieces of my dreams to life, we partnered with Mandy Kordal - she has a reputation for producing impeccable, considered garments with the most beautiful fibers right at home in New York. Together we’ve developed a collection comprised of my favorite silhouettes, effortless colors, and decadent materials - meant to become those wardrobe mainstays you never, ever want to take off.

I met Mandy of Kordal when we had both just started our businesses several years ago - we each had a booth at a Brooklyn craft fair. We became friends and followed along with each other’s growth over the years, and this opportunity to work together was so fun. Her studio and headquarters for Kordal is in Brooklyn, NY, and she works with the production team at the BF+DA to manufacture her knits. That’s where our pieces are being produced as well, so we took a trip up to visit Mandy and see firsthand how our garments are being made and learn a bit about the process.

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Music by: Gileah Taylor (Download "If I Was" here.)

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