Our work with collaborators is rooted in a desire to create styling content and gather fit information that differ from and complement our product imagery, and to partner with folks both within and outside of our current customer demographic. For all of our collections, we choose partners carefully and intentionally so that, hopefully, you see someone who resonates with you. Those partners spend time styling and photographing items in various ways, share perspective on fit and sizing, and give insight on how items wear in their unique lifestyles.

For our Cold Weather Collection launch this past fall, we partnered with some brilliant collaborators to show you how these new Cold Weather garments fit on a variety of body types and look in a plethora of personal styles. These folks already believe in our product but were willing to try a totally new fabric and some new styles with us. Our shared values of transparency, inclusivity, and adaptability when it comes to clothes shine with every styled look and caption, and we hope these partnerships bring you as much joy and inspiration as they have to us. Lee, Kelly, and Marcella together show the versatility of the Clyde Trench in Heavyweight Wool with different body types and climates. Learn more about these collaborators below!


F O L L O W  A L O N G  A T  # E S S T Y L E D


As someone who has worn ES for years and is intimately familiar with our last Cold Weather Collection (she has an original Cocoon Coat in Black Heavy Basketweave Wool!), Lee has a unique perspective on this iteration of the collection that is invaluable to us and we hope to our customers. She also has a special knack for utilizing garments to perform for warmth in her extra wintery location of Ontario.

Her measurements are 34" bust, 26.5" waist, 37.5" hip, and 5'7.5" height.

Lee has also styled her Cold Weather pieces with the Linn Tee in Ivory Silk CrepeGeorgia Tee in Moss Silk Crepe (see below!) and the Florence Pant in Moss Silk Crepe, all from our Signature Collection.

Lee says:

"The best description I can offer for the wool Clyde Trench is that it is at once tremendously special and entirely familiar. It feels akin to the embrace of an old friend you’ve not seen for ages. While much may have changed for you both, it’s as if no time has passed either.

The wool Clyde Trench envelopes its wearer in not only warmth and comfort but with the encouragement needed to embrace a new day with an open mind and honest spirit. That may be too much credit to give most garments, but not this one!

This heathered charcoal is the quintessential dark neutral that lends itself to an endless array of palettes and wardrobes. It’s generously flecked with light greys throughout.

Read more on Lee’s Style Bee blog!




Photos of Kelly by Gavyn Taylor

Kelly has shown the wearability of ES in her on-the-go, city life—pounding the pavement, phone and coffee in hand—in the most sophisticated, artful way. Her use of these three Fawn pieces to create a wrapped, monochromatic look while also braving the New York City winter is the perfect union of function and elegance.

Her measurements are 45" bust, 40" waist, 58" hip, and 5'7" height.

Kelly says:

These frigid temps are personally victimizing me, but I’m taken care of with Elizabeth Suzann’s latest Cold Weather Collection. They’re one of my favorite indie brands, and both this coat and scarf are 100% wool. I can get behind that.

See Kelly’s original Instagram post, where you’ll also see a really fun video with close-ups of her ES pieces!




Marcella is our Cold Weather collaborator who has worn our wool Clyde Trench from her kitchen, where she works in food, to New York City, where her creative work continues, in true utilitarian fashion. From a housecoat to an overcoat, the Clyde Trench has seen some sweeping versatility through Marcella’s lens. Not to mention, it’s pet-friendly!

Her measurements are 29" bust, 24" waist, 34" hip, and 5'5" height.

Marcella has also styled her Cold Weather piece with the Clyde Jumpsuit in Navy Cotton Canvas from our Signature Collection.

Marcella says:

Even with living in a (very) chilly 1920s home, I’ve been keeping extra warm and toasty this winter by wrapping myself in all the wool. As a long-time lover of Elizabeth Suzann’s linen pieces (my warm weather go-tos), I was so excited for her to launch the new Cold Weather Collection—a mix of lightweight and heavyweight wool in two beautiful colours (Fawn and Charcoal)! Each piece is made to order with the highest quality of sustainable wool.

I am never taking off this Clyde Trench! I paired it with my Clyde Jumpsuit in navy canvas, which is perfect to bake, photograph, and run errands around the city in. Working from home never looked so cozy!

See Marcella’s original Instagram post!