I am so excited to announce that we are releasing a new, 100% recycled Cotton Canvas this spring. We have been working on developing this material for over a year, and I am so proud of it. It's a fully post-consumer recycled cotton woven into an incredibly durable but soft and pliable plainweave canvas. That means it's time to say goodbye to our current canvas material, which is always bittersweet. 

We are discounting all of our current Cotton Canvas styles by 20% so we can clear out our existing fabric inventory. If you've purchased a full-price canvas piece in the past two weeks, don't worry! We offer price adjustments for discounts like this. Just email our Customer Relations Team, and they'll help you out!

If you're trying to decide whether to order a current canvas piece or wait until the new material launches, here are some key differences:

  • Our current Cotton Canvas is incredibly sturdy and fairly stiff when new. It softens and breaks in over time but is not a pliable or drapey material. This makes it super hardy and excellent for workwear, especially if you love the journey of breaking in a material and watching it really become your own.
  • Our new Cotton Canvas will be just as durable but much softer and more pliable. It will have more drape and less volume or stiffness. The flexibility and pliability of the material will allow us to offer our Cotton Canvas styles in our full size range. (We extensively fit tested sizes 4XL/28 in our current canvas, and its rigidity prevented us from achieving a good fit.)
  • Our new Cotton Canvas will be available in three colors: Natural, Black, and Clay. So if you're interested in Khaki or Navy, now is your moment! 
  • Our new recycled Cotton Canvas will likely be priced slightly higher due to its production by New Denim Project in Guatemala with low impact dyes. It is almost double the price of our current, conventional cotton material. We will keep price increases as minimal as possible, but we may have to raise them slightly to cover the higher material costs. So if you want a canvas piece at a discounted price, now is a great opportunity.
  • There will be a few new styles and potentially new features available in our new Cotton Canvas. Nothing is finalized yet as we're still in development, but we're experimenting with gussets and drawstrings to improve fit and longevity of our pant styles. We hope to have those options sorted out by this launch, but no promises!

We'll be running this discontinuation until March 1 or until we run out of fabric, whichever comes first. Different colors may sell out at different times, and if we have any canvas remaining in the final week of February, we will run an additional discount to clear out whatever is left. If you want to guarantee that you get a piece in the color you're interested in, I'd order now, or if you want to take a gamble and wait on a shot at a lower price, that's an option too! Please note that we aren't able to offer price adjustments on garments purchased at an already discounted price.

One last super exciting thing we're doing for y'all: we’ve created our three belt styles—Asawa, Greta, and Serpentine— in our current Cotton Canvas for those of you who want to complete your current Cotton Canvas outerwear pieces with a matching belt. We don't want anyone who owns our current canvas to miss out on the closure possibilities of our belts or to feel like you need to buy a new piece and matching belt when we release the new canvas. So for the duration of the discontinuation, you can order a Cotton Canvas belt in our current material and colors starting Monday, January 13 at 11AM CST! Because they are limited edition, please note we are unable to offer discounts on canvas belts.

That's it for now! Happy canvas shopping, and stay tuned for sneak peeks of our new Cotton Canvas as we prepare for the photoshoot in March! Ask away if you have any questions! :-)