October 31, 2016 • All / Events

We have had some pretty epic parties here at ES, but this Halloween was truly stellar. Last Friday we did a team costume contest, and I expected to see some creative ideas but this crew blew me away. Everyone went all out AND IT WAS AMAZING. Our break room was transformed into a super Halloween-y dungeon, we watched Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice on the projector, and we ate Chik-fil-A. Then we played four-square in costume, so all-in-all a pretty perfect day. There were some group costumes (I got to live out my childhood dreams of being one of the Sanderson Sisters along with two of the seamstresses), some top-secret outfits, and a little bit of performance (Alfie's entrance as Frank N Furter was out of control). Meet the whole team in costume below! Happy Halloween!

HOVER2_Our Sales and Marketing Team Leader, Chelsea, and Customer Support Leader, Lydia, as Hallie and Annie from The Parent Trap.HOVER2_Lydia’s pup, George, as Jaws!HOVER2_Coco, one of our seamstresses, as Cher from Clueless with the flip phone and all. There is not a more fitting costume!HOVER2_One of our newest seamstresses, Camille, as Damian from Mean Girls - this one was too hilarious.HOVER2_Ashley, one of our long-time seamstresses, as Eleven from Stranger Things.HOVER2_Our Fulfillment Team Leader, Taylor, as “Hairy Potter” (she gave herself hairy armpits, teased her hair, and was covered in pottery smears - plus a lightning bolt scar and glasses).HOVER2_Sierra, our cutter and bundler, as Lydia from Beetlejuice. She really committed - dyed her hair black and handpainted a "Handbook for the Recently Deceased" - it was perfect.HOVER2_Alfie, our Sewing Team Leader, as Frank N Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show. He had a whole little dance routine - I almost put it on Instagram but it was just a little too risqué.HOVER2_Emily, our Cutting Team Leader and Media staff, as frozen Rose from Titanic. She won the grand prize and it was deserved - she had salt glued to her eyebrows and she brought a DOOR.HOVER2_This one was a personal favorite. Monica, a seamstress who joined us earlier this year, as Dwight from The Office. We have a crew of hardcore Office fans here, so this was well-received.HOVER2_The most adorable Katie, on our Fulfillment team, as Buzz Lightyear. She had to go sideways through the front door!HOVER2_Chloe, another one of our seamstresses, as Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus. She really brought our Hocus Pocus crew to life. She also worked as a costumer on Broadway, so she had a bit of an advantage ;)HOVER2_Alex, our newest hire, was a perfect Sarah Sanderson - she made the epic spellbook with an eyeball and everything.HOVER2_I was the third Sanderson sister, Mary, and that wig was the most fun thing I’ve worn in a long time. And rolling around a vacuum all day was pretty hilarious.HOVER2_Chris, my husband and our COO, as Billy from Hocus Pocus. I actually kind of like this look on him.

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