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We often get asked what pieces of ours work well for pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood. Since I am not a mother, we decided we'd like for you all to be the voice behind this content. A few weeks back, we posted some questions on Instagram, inviting those with experience to share images, recommendations, and stories that you have of mothering, parenting, caretaking, dog-momming, etc. in Elizabeth Suzann.

We heard from you about what pieces worked best, the unexpected emotions that came up surrounding clothing throughout your journey to motherhood, and received thoughtful advice for those thinking about their own relationship to getting dressed as they enter into this new phase of life.

We took what you shared (here and here!) and have created a blog post that we hope is a rich resource for mothers, parents, caretakers of all kinds. I also want to take a moment to acknowledge all of the folks that may not identify as mothers of children but are still caretakers and labor providers, as well as those that have lost children or are unable to have children. All my love goes out to everyone with space in their heart for others.

Without further ado, here is our latest community resource for ES x Motherhood. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments! (Note: quote credits are only hyperlinked if Instagram accounts are public.)


On your favorite ES pieces for motherhood...


I’ve loved my Harper Tunic in Midweight Linen for pregnancy, postpartum, and nursing. (I wore it with a nursing tank underneath and just lifted it for baby.) It’s a comfortable but unusual shape that helps me feel like myself in the body metamorphosis of it all. — Mary

I wear my Harper Tunics all the time running around with my two kids and then chasing all my clients’ children and babies at my studio and out in the field for photos! Effortless style that looks nice and professional but feels like the ease of working in PJs! Plus my clients always comment on them and want them! Jenny

Seeing the post made me super happy because I had been eyeing the Long Sleeve Harper Tunic for awhile, but it was when I first found out that I was pregnant that I decided I absolutely needed to order it right away. I think it’s the perfect piece for the first half or so of pregnancy, especially the awkward first 3-4 months when you don’t have an obvious baby bump but are definitely starting to get a little belly. I am currently 12 weeks pregnant, and it is the only thing I want to wear! I like to wear mine with same color leggings (navy) and have never felt more pulled together and comfortable at the same time. I also think it will be a great item for the postpartum (and beyond). Although I will have to lift it up when breastfeeding, I have a feeling it will be flattering and therefore make me feel good about myself when my body is carrying extra weight especially around my midsection. — Amy

I’ve been living in my cozy Harper Tunics while on modified bed rest! And my new Clyde Trench has come to represent the particular excitement and freedom of my one short daily walk I am allowed. I know I will continue living in these clothes postpartum!@thisdocwears

Harper Tunic in Linen Gauze for all seasons of life! One of my favorite pieces of clothing! — Chelsea Margret

I’ve worn your Harper Tunic for miscarriage and recovery, and it’s so nice to wear something that is kind to all body shapes. — Rosina

My kids are all in high school and college now, and my Harper Tunic is my go-to when I need to run into the high school after barre class and want to be covered and look pulled-together.Allyson

Harper Tunic in Linen Gauze - so easy, so comfortable, so artistic looking, tank under for pull-up nursing. Awesome over leggings, a staple during all these stages. The gauze clings beautifully to a pregnant belly. — Erica

The Harper Tunic was a favorite of mine throughout my pregnancy, especially for travel. I’m still wearing it while breastfeeding; it’s great! The Flax Midweight Linen also hides spit up really well. Glamorous, I know. — Eiren

Harper Jacket - If I moved to a deserted island and could take one thing with me, this would be it. Beautiful with a belly. I have amazing memories snuggling my newborn during the early postpartum days when you are sleepy and happy and overwhelmed. This garment was such comfort to me. I would spend all day nursing and cozy in it; there is enough fabric to snuggle over a baby. Thrown on over literally anything to make an outfit instantly chic. The pockets! It is too warm here in KY in the summer for even a linen jacket, so I bought a pair of Clyde Work Pants because I didn't know how I was going to live without my Harper pockets. — Erica

The Harper Tunic in Midweight Linen was a staple during and after my pregnancy! — Scuffy

I have a very active 3-year-old, and I love my Harper Tunic in Linen Gauze! It’s comfortable, lightweight enough for southern summer, layers easily, and THAT POCKET is a lifesaver! Toddler toys, snacks, phone — it holds it all! — Rose

Indestructible Clyde Work Pants are absolutely perfect for all the preschooler adventures! They are my essential mom pants! — BMB

I got the Clydes about 4 months post partum after having only worn leggings/stretchy shorts since birth. My stomach didn’t fit in my denim, and even if it did, I wouldn’t have liked anything that tight on my body. The Clydes were literally my saving grace. I felt SO comfortable. They flattered my postpartum bod, and I could put HELLA baby shit in those pockets. Who needs a diaper bag when ya got Clydes? — Pamela

Your Clyde Work Pant was my first purchase postpartum. I was so thankful to find comfortable pants that were high-waisted enough to cover my belly while pulling up my Georgia Tee to nurse. I hope to add the Harper Tunic and a Georgia Dress into my wardrobe when we are pregnant with baby number two; they seem like the perfect pieces for a baby bump! As for now, I live in my Andy Trouser, Linn Tee, and Georgia Tee while I chase my toddler around! Hillary

After struggling to find fashionable postpartum clothes that made me feel good, I finally caved and bought the Clyde Work Pant. GAME CHANGER. The shape is so flattering for squishy bellies, and the thick elastic waistband even gives the feeling of holding it all in. The pockets are what really sold me though. I love being able to shove keys, phone, etc inside them on a quick walk around the block while wearing my new bub. — Gemma

I WISH I had found your clothes when I was pregnant/newly postpartum! Now with a 5 yo and 2.5 yo running around, the Clyde Work Pants in Midweight Linens are A GODSEND. They look flawless, and the wide elastic waist band means they don’t judge me, and the drape is beautiful on my mom-tum.Ariana

Right now: wearing my Clyde Work Pant while nursing my 4-month-old. These are the best mom pants ever! Earlier today I wore my Mara Jumpsuit (similar here) to work (not nursing/pumping friendly but I wore it in pregnancy (1st and 2nd trimesters) and postpartum). Wore my Georgia Dress throughout pregnancy, too.Christie

Currently wearing my Clyde Work Pant in Midweight Linen 23 weeks pregnant, and they are a lifesaver for me. So comfortable and comforting to my changing body.Kate 

My Clydes fit for awhile in pregnancy, right up to the start of the third trimester. I also very much look forward to how they’ll fit postpartum, comfy for what I anticipate will be a frequently changing body. Emily

I’m 27 weeks with my second, and it’s been Georgia everything since I stared showing. Especially in combination with my Andy Trouser - it’s been so nice to be able to wear clothes that I really love and make me feel myself when my body is constantly changing. Kristin

I wore my Georgia Midi, Georgia Dress, and Mara Jumpsuit (similar here) all throughout my pregnancy - all were perfect for dressing casually with sandals or platform sneakers as well as getting dressed up for an event or work with some statement earrings and a pair of heels. If they were all nursing friendly, I’d wear them more postpartum, but all three will continue to be a few of my favorite wardrobe pieces.Constance

The Georgia Midi has been (lots of twinkle emojis!). Wore it pregnant to officiate my brother’s wedding. Wore it postpartum to every event that needed a dress but wasn’t sure what the "f" to wear. Have also started a trend with my girlfriends.Lauren

Georgia Tee in first two trimesters and Artist Smock for all three! — Dana

I bought a Georgia Tee in 2012 when I was pregnant with my son, and I wore it the day after I had him and have worn ES ever since. It’s easy to clean, it moves with me, and it allows my body space to change shape, to move freely. I have nursed, wiped boogies and tears, cleaned scraped knees, offered cuddles, and loved in my ES, and each article I own reminds me of motherhood well worn. Tonja

And more...

I don’t know how many times I have recommended ES in my mom groups on Facebook dedicated to slowly-made kids clothing. Honestly, most items are perfect for motherhood. For pregnancy, I lived in my Harper Tunics and Clyde Jacket in Midweight Linen. The Bel Skirt is great, and I was able to wear my Georgia Tee, Artist Smock, and Harlow Tunic the whole time, too. I plan to wear my Harlow Tunic in Hemp Gauze (Midweight Linen here) and my Harper in Linen Gauze this summer after I have baby girl. I doubt I will fit into my pants for a bit, but once I do I know I will feel so much more myself in all my ES pants. They are comfortable, modest for all the movement, and clean well. I feel so put together in my Elizabeth Suzann pieces while also being comfortable and covered. For a postpartum lady dealing with hormones, body changes and exhaustion, those elements are priceless to me in a wardrobe. Lauren

My ES clothes have been so versatile. Harper Tunics, Georgia Dresses, and Bel Skirts in my regular size have all worked for me all three trimesters (in addition to jackets and vests). For nursing, I’m really looking forward to the Tie Shoulder Dress and Jumpsuit. —  Allison

I wore the Artist Dress all three trimesters of my first pregnancy, and also to my baby shower. During my pregnancy I personally found tight clothing unbearable. It was nice to have a dress (I had it in 3 colors!) that I could just throw on and feel comfortable, but also very stylish. — Victoria

Ah! Where to begin... Well, the Clyde Jumpsuit for feeling comfortable enough to play in but also like a put-together grown-up (whatever that feels like these days). Worn happily staying home with my first and then about 3/4 of the way through pregnancy with my second. And pockets come in handy for stashing phone, keys, snacks and found outdoor treasures, even for a little have to hold onto when crossing the street when my hands are full. Harper Tunic! The go-from-beach-cover-up-to-night-out- (okay, let's be honest- late afternoon/early dinner out) excellent daily workhorse, year-round layering under or over piece. Worn comfortably through entire second pregnancy. And POCKET - I can hold a water bottle in that baby. Linn Tee for throwing over a dress or skirt especially during pregnancy. Clyde Work Pant for all the reasons on Clyde Jumpsuit but also for the elastic waist which gave me wiggle room for early pregnancy and early postpartum. Thank you ES for making such beautiful, functional clothing that makes me feel comfortable and stylish through the changing seasons of motherhood in my body. — Unknown

Most recently, the Asawa Tie Belt in Midweight Linen belt gives me structure and creative interest to all of the looser clothing I have been choosing since having children. I usually prefer to have an unrestricted waist, but at times or for particular events, I want to show off this hour glass figure and the belt can transform what I already have into that. I am an artist, but since having my third, have had to put that on the back burner for several months. Having clothing that I can be creative with, and feel artistic and chic in has given me confidence and helped me have a creative outlet at a time when I can take very little time for myself and my work. — Erica

Not a mom myself but I work with littles 0-3 in their homes as a speech pathologist. I love everything with pockets, especially my Clyde Jumpsuit. It gives me room to move, play, and jump as well as to store all my toys and other items so I can keep my hands free for high fives and hugs. The biggest hurdle for me was realizing clothes are meant to be lived in, and stains are no longer in the forefront of my mind, but rather, enjoying living in my clothes and using them to enhance my life and work. Kaitlin

My Artist Smock was a work horse for me as well as my Georgia Tee. Both worked so well layered over a fitted stretchy tank dress. Or with leggings or a skirt. After baby it really helps to have a way to get easy access for breastfeeding, so I know the new tie top dress and jumpsuit will be perfect for that! Now that my babies are three, my Clyde Jacket is my best friend it holds all my kid essentials! — Liz

POCKETS. What is brilliant about some of your pieces are the cavernous pockets. I use them like Mary Poppins' bag whenever we travel. You have saved me in many an airport security queue. — Unknown

On ES clothing and motherhood... 

It’s important to me while pregnant to only buy things that I’ll be able to wear during and after pregnancy - maternity wear feels like such a waste, since your body is changing so much so rapidly! Finding pieces like that is very tricky and rare. Your Bel Skirt has been my go-to piece. I got my normal size in several colors and have worn them throughout the whole pregnancy. They are one of those extremely rare pieces that have looked and felt great before I was showing up until now, just a few weeks before delivery, with my giant watermelon underneath. I’ve hiked in them, worked in them, slept in them. And will continue to treasure them after my baby is born. — Stella

I’m in my third trimester and my two ES pieces are still in rotation, the Petra Crop (over a maternity dress or with a midi skirt) and the Harper Jacket (soon being the only jacket I can fit in). Jen

Half of my collection is preloved! ES is definitely pricier than the clothes I used to purchase frequently (fast fashion), but the quality is worth it. I wear ES at least two days out of the week! My favorites are the discontinued Mara Jumpsuit (Clyde Jumpsuit here!), Georgia Tees, Petra Crops, and Florence Pants. Almost all my ES is Midweight Linen or Linen Gauze which is perfect for hot and humid weather. Motherhood changes you mentally and physically. I'm not as thin or fit as I used to be. I don't have much time to get dressed or put on makeup before a child barges in or starts calling. So having clothing that makes you look and feel good is SO important. ES does just that. I make so many other decisions day to day (I have a family business in addition to mommy duty), and I don't want to think too much about what to wear. I love how all my pieces can be mixed and matched for maximum cost per wear. Georgia is the perfect elevated basic tee. Mara (similar here!) makes me feel pretty! I love the swish of the Florence Pants! The Harper Jacket's pockets are a dream and can fit thermoses or wine bottles. Bottom line, ES is a treat to wear, and all mamas deserve to treat themselves! We focus so much on our children and partners, and we can forget our own needs and desires.  —  Giselle

Since giving birth to my son almost 5 years ago, it's been difficult to figure out my post-birth body and sizing. So for that, ES has been great because of the OS pieces as well as the elastic waistbands! I used to wear very fitted, XS pieces, but as my body has changed I notice that I'm looking for more forgiving, neutral pieces to mix up my bright- and print- heavy wardrobe. — Alexis

My ES experience is all postpartum, and now entering toddler-chasing. I had to have a c-section, and afterwards found I couldn’t comfortably wear jeans anymore. For those that don’t know, a c-section, like many surgeries, severs the nerves in your lower abdomen. They slowly grow back in time, but the skin of my abdomen has been varying degrees of numb ever since my son was born. Having too fitted of clothing pressing against that area seemed to highlight the numbness and made me uncomfortable. I took a chance on a pair of Andy Trousers in Midweight Linen and have found them to be a godsend! (Haven’t tried Clydes yet, but I want to for the pockets). The style is loose over my abdomen and feels free and wonderful, and I have a sense of ease in my clothing that I hadn’t had in a long time. I never want to take them off! MaryJane 

On ES fabrics…

One of the things that drew me to your brand was that a lot of your garments are flexible enough for pregnancy, post-partum, nursing, and beyond. They are luxurious but flexible and WASHABLE! Also your fabrics are very durable. They hold up so well to scrubbing out stains, frequent washing, and keeping up with my messy three boys. I don't have to be afraid of all the mud fingerprints. — Erica 

As a mom of young children can I just say THANK YOU for making machine washable clothes!Alia

As far as fabric goes, I've gotten way less precious about silks, especially since finding Buncha Farmers vegetable soap. Stains are inevitable but everything is washable. ;) — Alexis

When I wash and dry all of my ES pieces, I use the Laundress Stain Solution for treating stains! — Hillary

I didn’t discover Elizabeth Suzann until after both my children were born, but I can confirm that all my linen pieces are excellent for motherhood. They wash well and hold up, despite all I put them through. I’m wearing my Clyde Billow Skirt (Clyde series here!) today and didn’t even have to bring my purse. Everything fit into pockets! (Granted, my kids are both out of diapers... ) The pieces also make me feel beautiful and put-together (even when I have only 5 minutes to get dressed!). Rebecca 


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What ES pieces and motherhood resources might you recommend? What mamas inspire you? Comment below!

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