December 26, 2016 • Tips

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I talk a lot about versatility and functionality. Those words mean many different things to ES, but versatility in occasion is one of the big focuses of each piece I design. I wanted to highlight some of my favorite looks from our Signature and Cold Weather Collection for an evening spent in or an evening spent out. I hope this sparks a few ideas for how to wear pieces you currently have in new ways and highlights some pieces you might not have considered before!


HOVER2_[a href=|/collections/signature/products/georgia-tee-linen|]Georgia Tee [Flax Midweight Linen][/a] + [a href=|/collections/signature/products/florence-pant-linen|]Florence Pant [Flax Midweight Linen][/a]


1. The Georgia Tee in Flax Midweight Linen and the Florence Pant in Flax Midweight Linen. Ah, this is one of my super favorites. If I envision the perfect pajama set, this is it. Add some warm socks and slippers, a mug of something delicious, and you’re golden. Each of these pieces is wonderful on its own as well in the warmer seasons, but loungewear is a great use for linen during colder months.


HOVER2_[a href=|/collections/signature/products/harper-tunic-linen|]Harper Tunic [Navy Midweight Linen][/a]


2. The Harper Tunic in Navy Midweight Linen. This is one of my favorite around-the-house pieces in the fall and winter. You’re home for the evening on a wintry Sunday, and this tunic is long enough so you don’t even need to add pants while you pad around the house to pour a glass of wine and search for a good movie on Netflix.


HOVER2_[a href=|/collections/signature/products/long-sleeve-harper-tunic-raw-silk-broadcloth|]Long Sleeve Harper Tunic [Eggshell Raw Silk Broadcloth][/a] + [a href=|/collections/signature/products/tilda-pant-silk-crepe|]Tilda Pant [Moss Silk Crepe][/a]


3. The Long Sleeve Harper Tunic in Eggshell Raw Silk Broadcloth and the Tilda Pant in Moss Silk Crepe. The Harper Tunic in Raw Silk Broadcloth feels almost like a lightweight flannel, so it’s really perfect for a chilly night at home. Silk is amazing as loungewear - it’s buttery soft, fluid, and lightweight so it’s not bulky or uncomfortable while you’re curled up in an armchair.


HOVER2_[a href=|/collections/signature/products/marlena-dress-raw-silk|]Marlena Dress [Eggshell Raw Silk Broadcloth][/a] + [a href=|/collections/signature/products/emma-kimono-linen|]Emma Kimono [Black Midweight Linen][/a]


4. The Marlena Dress in Eggshell Raw Silk Broadcloth and the Emma Kimono in Black Midweight Linen. These two pieces are both so easy and versatile. The Marlena Dress by itself is perfect for range of motion and comfort, and the Emma Kimono can be thrown on to answer the door when the pizza arrives.


HOVER2_[a href=|/collections/signature/products/artist-dress-silk-crepe|]Artist Dress [Black Silk Crepe][/a]


5. The Artist Dress in Black Silk Crepe. This is one of the most comfortable pieces in the collection period, so it’s truly great for a night spent relaxing. Total freedom of movement, loose and fluid, lightweight and soft. But you still look super elegant and a far cry from brightly colored fleece pajama pants. Disheveled hair, a swipe of tinted lip balm, this dress - you’ve nailed the, “Oh, I’m just lounging at home, but I still look fabulous” - a la every-romantic-comedy-ever situation.


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HOVER2_[a href=|/collections/signature/products/astral-crossover-dress-silk-crepe|]Astral Crossover Dress [Moss Silk Crepe][/a] + [a href=|/collections/signature/products/florence-pant-silk-crepe|]Florence Pant [Black Silk Crepe][/a]


6. The Astral Crossover Dress in Moss Silk Crepe and Florence Pant in Black Silk Crepe. I love, love this dress layered over pants, especially wide-legged ones. It’s so much more interesting and dynamic than worn alone, plus it’s warmer, and you can just shave below the knee. Perfect for a night of gallery hopping for all those free mini glasses of wine.


HOVER2_[a href=|/collections/signature/products/marlena-tank-silk-crepe|]Marlena Tank [Black Silk Crepe][/a] + [a href=|/collections/signature/products/clyde-work-pant-cotton-twill|]Clyde Work Pant [Black Cotton Twill][/a]


7. The Marlena Tank in Black Silk Crepe and the Clyde Work Pant in Black Cotton Twill. This is one of my favorite looks because it’s so easy to transition from a day at work to a night out. Just pop on some metallic heels, lose the cardigan, turn the v-neck around to the front, and you’re good to go. These pants dress up so well, especially in black.


HOVER2_[a href=|/collections/signature/products/elise-dress-stretch-cotton|]Elise Dress [Black Stretch Cotton][/a] + [a href=|/collections/signature/products/ida-trench-cotton-canvas|]Ida Trench [Black Cotton Canvas][/a]


8. The Elise Dress in Black Stretch Cotton and the Ida Trench in Black Cotton Canvas. The slim, sleek silhouette of the Elise Dress with a modern black heel is ultra classic and looks good on seriously everybody. This is upscale enough for any cocktail party or wedding reception on the calendar.


HOVER2_[a href=|/collections/signature/products/artist-dress-silk-crepe|]Artist Dress [Navy Silk Crepe][/a]


9. The Artist Dress in Navy Silk Crepe. Just as elegant outside the house as in. Add some sleek neutral heels, a low textured bun, and you’re off. The drape and movement of the silk is luxurious and emboldening, and the long sleeves and demure neckline balance out the bare legs (which look super long on account of the neutral sandals).


HOVER2_[a href=|/collections/signature/products/eva-top-cotton-canvas|]Eva Top [Natural Cotton Canvas][/a] + [a href=|/collections/signature/products/tilda-pant-cotton-canvas|]Tilda Pant [Natural Cotton Canvas][/a]


10. The Eva Top in Natural Cotton Canvas and the Tilda Pant in Natural Cotton Canvas. My favorite unexpected evening look. The striking suit-like nature of the matching top and bottom really make this set look elegant enough for truly any event - company holiday party or fancy gala. Just make sure the shoes are fantastic and the cotton is crisply pressed. The high neckline, bracelet length sleeves, and structure will give the silhouette a distinctly architectural and interesting feel.

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