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Scrolling the #elizabethsuzann hashtag on Instagram is one of my absolute favorite pastimes. Something that strikes me every time I browse is how many of our beautiful customers are moms and moms-to-be and how seamlessly our garments fit into their day to day, transitioning from pregnancy to toddler-chasing without a blink. When you get down to it, the things that expecting, new, and experienced moms need are pretty aligned with our entire philosophy on dressing. Comfort, versatility, ease of mobility, and washability - those are the essentials - and I am thrilled that many of our garments fit the bill. It truly is an honor and gift to dress women for the most important job in the world. I hope we can provide peace, strength, practicality and simplicity through our work - mothers absolutely deserve it. 

To celebrate how much we love dressing mamas and mamas to be, we wanted to share some sweet ES motherhood images, our favorite ES pieces for maternity-wear, and some tips for choosing kid-friendly clothing.

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Our Favorite ES Pieces for Pregnancy:

These recommendations were gathered by our dear Lydia of the ES support team.

Josephine Vented Tunic: The slits in the side make it very flexible in terms of fit, so it'll accommodate the bump beautifully but still be easy and breezy once the little one has arrived. It also comes in silk crepe. Many feel it's a bit too dressy for every day or too hard to keep clean or maintain, but all of our silk has been garment-washed and pre-shrunk here in house, so you can wash it there at home. Ease of care is crucial when there's a newborn around!

Harper Tunic: A personal favorite! I own a couple of these, and they're incredibly versatile. This silhouette in particular is rather generous in cut so it makes for a great maternity option and looks just as wonderful after. It also comes in cotton twill if you're seeking something a bit more structured or, most recently launched, a lightweight linen gauze in two beautiful grays. 

Harper Dress: Just a midi-version of the above silhouette! This style is currently only available in our Warm Weather Collection in the linen gauze, but there are plans to add this style to the Signature Collection when we revamp later this year. 

Harlow Tunic: To me, this is an ideal maternity top. Room for days but the flow of fabric makes it so flattering and feminine. It comes in a new cotton poplin if you're wanting to have something with structure. I picture this piece with jeans and bare feet around the house and sandals or sneakers for leaving the house. 

Harlow Dress: Simply the dress version -- also in cotton poplin

Eva Dress: A great alternative if you're seeking something for colder months. The a-line of this silhouette leaves lots of room for a baby bump while the broad neckline will still leave you feeling sophisticated. The neckline on this piece is definitely my favorite detail.

Georgia Midi: We've had several gals wear this during pregnancy and love it. It also comes in midweight linen,raw silk, and just recently that lightweight linen gauze.

We also have some fantastic layering options like our Clyde TrenchClyde JacketClyde Vest (lots of Clydes!), and Emma Kimono!

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Tips for Choosing Kid-Friendly Clothing:

When in doubt, go black. It will hide most things, will resist staining, and always add a level of chicness. If you haven’t had time to think about anything else, at least you know you’ll look elegant and timeless.

Washability is key (obviously). You can still go for luxurious fabrics (all of our silks are machine wash and dry-able), but make sure they are easy to toss in and wash. Picking colors and fibers that hide stains well is easy - smooth weaves with any amount of sheen will be prone to showing oil stain, particularly in light colors (like gray and brown silks). Weaves that have more texture will be easier to brush residue off of, and darker colors will hid things especially well (navy and black cotton canvas, for example). 

Pockets, always. Functional pockets - the kind you can actually fit your hand into, stash a snack in, and comfortably sit down in while full. I hate when I'm fishing around for 30 seconds trying to get my hand into a pocket that’s too tight, only to be fishing out whatever I put in there before I sit down. Clyde pockets are critical - you could fit an entire board game and like three giant bags of candy in the Clyde Trench pocket (not that anyone is giving kids three bags of candy - it’s just there, if you need it).

Protect your range of motion. This can be hard to think about until it’s too late. Sleeves that are too tight or hems that feel too short when you lift your arms can be restricting and make it hard to do what you need to do. Layering shorter dresses over comfortable pants allows for ultimate crawl-around-on-the-floor flexibility, and layering kimonos and jackets give you lots of room to move around in.

Throw a vest on it. A long vest is like an undercover apron. It protects the rest of your outfit from the most egregious spills and messes, and you can discreetly shed it if you need to. Big pockets let you hold everything and then some. The vertical lines add height and slim the figure (which I always feel aprons do - am I the only one that feels really good in aprons?), and it’s an easy layer for shy little ones to tuck under, if that’s their thing.

I’d love to hear from you all in the comments - what pieces work well in your life as a mom? Anything that was a life-saver during pregnancy? Favorite dressing-for-motherhood tips?

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you strong mamas out there.