Gabi Hutchison is a collage artist living in Augusta, Georgia with her three dogs and husband of 11 years, David. Together, they own a bookstore and have a passion for building up the local community.

I met Gabi the way so many of us find each other nowadays - virtually, through a platform that allows us to put our best self forward and to tell visual stories about our lives. Her stunning vignettes, quiet but warm home, and seriously sublime outfits pulled me in. Every image has so much life to it, so much interest, and nothing feels too "done." But her honest writing and willingness to confront the truth with bravery is what really hooked me. Gabi writes in the kind of refreshing way that immediately creates a feeling of kinship. I felt as though I knew her immediately, but I also sensed a deep well there that both impressed and intrigued me.

We visited Gabi in her home, and it felt even more inviting and intentional in person. It’s filled with art, books, ceramics - each piece has a story, and you get the sense that nothing has entered this space carelessly. Gabi and her husband have a deep appreciation for the work of artists, family, and community, and those themes resonate in the place they call home. It was so special to see how she took our pieces and made them her own - soft linens for a quiet respite with a good book, sturdy canvas for some time in the studio (her collages are incredible - the whole crew couldn’t leave without purchasing one), and layered cotton and linen for a walk around the neighborhood. Her strength and resilience (a word that Gabi uses to describe clothing in her life, which feels so well chosen) are evident; she has the kind of stoic beauty that’s rare and arresting.

I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity to step into someone’s world that I had admired through a screen for so long. It was even richer and deeper in person, and Gabi’s willingness to boldly dig into both her strengths and her struggles openly feels even more valuable after meeting her in person.

We asked Gabi what role clothing plays in her life, and here’s what she had to say:

"Clothing is resilient, which means so many different things to me. I see self-expression as an armor of sorts— a safe place, a comfort, an appreciation of the unexpected, either in myself or the world around me. What I wear allows me to be myself amidst doubts about who or what that is, when all else isn’t straightforward. Clothing acts as a creative respite—it has the power to produce a sense of ease, both physical and emotional, even when it’s not simple or readily apparent. I can move easily, be easily, in and throughout my perceived flaws and the grief and constraint I may experience. Clothing allows me to step outside that, to express myself in a way that feels unburdened and unpretentious and come out stronger. In my Elizabeth Suzann, I am resilient.” 



Gabi wears the Long Sleeve Placket Dress in Navy Midweight Linen (see a similar style), Clyde Jumpsuit in Natural Cotton Canvas (see a similar style), Parabola Top in Black Midweight Linen, Clyde Culotte in Clay Cotton Canvas (see a similar style), Linn Tee in Black Midweight Linen, and Clyde Trench in Clay Cotton Canvas (see a similar style).