Lisa Przystup is a Brooklyn-based writer turned florist turned writer again. She and her musician husband split their time between their Brooklyn apartment and upstate home.

We've photographed Lisa several times before - once for a windswept editorial in NYC, again for Our Muse feature, and a third time here in Nashville for the product imagery on our website. Her look is quintessential Elizabeth Suzann - effortless but intentional, elegant but casual, intriguing but approachable - the kind of woman that you could discuss the depths of life with but also want do karaoke with (even though I'm terrified of karaoke). She is multi-talented and inspires me both philosophically and aesthetically - she writes thought-provoking words, creates beautiful floral arrangements, and has built a picturesque but not stuffy or staged life for herself.

In my mind, Lisa represents a dichotomy I am enamored with - depth and beauty. We visited her home in upstate New York, where she welcomed us warmly and let us take a peek into her world. Everything she has filled her space with has history, and the vignettes in every corner felt organic and lived in. She pottered around the kitchen in a linen tunic (to be released in the future) and canvas Clyde Culottes, trimmed branches and arranged flowers in a hardy Clyde Dress, and took in the afternoon sunlight in a delicate linen Harlow (another future release). A durable Clyde Jacket topped off any outfit with practical pockets.

Lisa's feature provided so much rich texture I was hoping to capture with this campaign - dappled light on rumpled linen, a hand swiping dirt onto sturdy cotton canvas, and the quiet hum of insects and lush green foliage. I love seeing Lisa use our garments on her homestead knowing that she'll also return to Brooklyn with them for the day-time hustle and lingering city evenings.

We asked Lisa what role clothing plays in her life, and here’s what she had to say:

“Clothing is a mood ring. The pieces that I choose to wear are a reflection of my mood. The more layers I have on, the worse my mood is. (I'm looking at you base layer, two sweaters, down puffer, scarf, beanie, gloves, etc., etc.) If I'm wearing a breezy floral dress, you can assume I'm on Cloud 9. If I'm wearing jeans and a tee, you can assume that I'm 110% comfortable in my own skin. If I'm wearing sweats, chances are I'm pouring myself a glass of wine and cuing up Netflix.”

Lisa wears the Clyde Dress in Natural Cotton Canvas (style discontinued), Sleeveless Placket Top in Ivory Midweight Linen (see a similar style), Clyde Culotte in Natural Cotton Canvas (see a similar style), Clyde Jacket in Navy Cotton Canvas (see a similar style), and Harlow Dress in Ivory Midweight Linen.