July 08, 2016 • Behind the scenes / Process

Picturing a woman opening up a package from Elizabeth Suzann is something I do often. A package she’s curated with intention, purchasing her favorite pieces, waiting for them to be sewn and shipped - I hope it’s an experience that is anticipated, a moment that is enjoyed and savored. We aren’t able to meet every customer face to face and tell our story in person, so this act of receiving our product is something I have tried to make as rich an experience as possible. I want the fashion in which our garments arrive to live up to the same standards we hold the products to themselves. We still have a ways to go - I plan on integrating more information about how our garments are made and how you can give them the longest life possible, and I’d love to share what’s happening with our team and our facility with you on paper. But, this new packaging paper is a huge step that I am so thrilled to have taken.

I don’t like tissue wrapped packages, especially when delivered by mail. The transportation is rough and no matter how carefully it was packed, by the time it arrives it can’t help but look tired. A sturdy, crisp wrapping-paper custom fit to our box sizes was the perfect way to enclose the clothing, but I was unhappy with the idea that so much paper was likely getting thrown out after one use. Particularly for such a specialized part of our packaging, it seemed like it deserved a bit more attention and purpose.

So, we worked with Nashville artist Mary Mooney to design a custom painted paper inspired by the color palette of our Spring and Signature Collections. Mary is an ES customer, and she has the kindest, most spirited soul. Her enthusiasm and support for our brand is palpable, and working with her on this project was heartwarming. She came to the studio to collect fabric swatches and discuss the collection and created an original work in her trademark style of paint on acrylic sheeting. The painting hangs in our showroom next to the rack of SS16 samples it reflects. 

We had the painting scanned here in Nashville and worked with our local printer to create the wrapping paper. Seeing Mary’s abstract interpretation of my work was inspiring and moving on its own, but to know that every customer gets a little piece of art in their box makes me too happy for words. I envision this paper being saved in a drawer as a memento of a special purchase, hung on the wall or framed, cut up and used as thank you notes, or used to wrap a gift to a loved one. If nothing else, it makes opening the box a little more exciting and gives each package a little bit of heart and soul.  

Thank you, Mary, for taking such great care of our vision for this project and for working with us to get it just right. If you’ve received an ES package lately and have found a great way to reuse Mary’s beautiful paper, please share it with us (you can tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or send us an email)! I also recommend checking out the rest of Mary’s work. We have a collection of her hexagons in the showroom right now, and they feel like little windows into another world.

Follow along with Mary and her work online.