A bit about Grab Bags

Hello, friends! I am so thrilled to announce that, on Tuesday, 12/19 at 5:00PM CST, we will be listing a selection of our remaining Sample Sale inventory from last weekend’s in-person event ONLINE in the form of Grab Bags! We have been working internally on finding a way to make our Sample Sale items accessible to our online community while still retaining the affordable pricing and simplified structure, and Grab Bags fit the bill. Plus, who doesn’t love a little mystery and excitement?

These are Sample Sale items at Sample Sale prices - at least 50% or more off of retail!

The kinds of items included in Grab Bags will vary greatly, but they could include items from past seasons, items in discontinued fabrics, and items with minor damages or fabric flaws. Shoes, knits, accessories, and outerwear will not be included.

We will have three different types of Grab Bags available: Tops, Bottoms, and Dresses/Jumpsuits. You will be able to select the color palette and size for your bag. Three ES items will be included in your Grab Bag in the category, size, and color palette selected for one flat price. Then, you’ll have a wondrous moment of suspense and excitement when it arrives on your doorstep! We’ve compiled a list of potential questions and answers, read them below!

Questions and Answers

What is a Sample Sale Grab Bag?
Our Sample Sale Grab Bags include three randomly selected items from our most recent Nashville Sample Sale! These are all heavily discounted items from past seasons, discontinued fabrics, out of date patterns, and minor damages.

What kinds of items are in the bags?
Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, and Jumpsuits are all up for grabs. Shoes, Knits, Accessories, and Outerwear are not! These items are from all collections and include all fabric types and colorways. Most items are customer returns from past seasons or discontinued items that we can no longer sell, items made by sewers in training, items with minor construction or fabric flaws, items produced with old patterns that have since been updated, and items we have produced to liquidate discontinued fabrics that we have on hand.

Will anything be damaged to the point that it's unwearable?
Definitely not! We are only including very minor damages in these Grab Bags. This could mean a small mark on the fabric, slightly imperfect topstitching, or a small flaw in the color or texture of the fabric. Most are unnoticeable and none are detrimental to the integrity of the garment!

Can I choose what items I'll receive?
While the exact contents of each Grab Bag is an exciting mystery, you are able to choose a product category, color palette, and size!

What kind of product categories will I be able to choose from?
You will be able to choose from a Tops, Bottoms, or Dresses/Jumpsuits bag!

What kind of color palettes will I be able to choose from?
After you’ve selected the category grab bag you’d like, you’ll be able to select a color palette. Tops and Dresses/Jumpsuits will be available in “Light,” “Earth,” or “Dark” color palettes. “Light” color palette bags can include colors like Ivory, Flax, Nude, Chalk, Natural, Khaki, etc. “Earth” color palette bags can include colors like Moss, Olive, Clay, etc. “Dark” color palette bags can include colors like Black, Navy, Charcoal, etc.

Bottoms will only be available in a “Multi” color palette. “Multi” means a combination of colors will be included.

What kinds of sizes will I be able to choose from?
Tops and Dresses/Jumpsuits Grab Bags will be available in five sizes. XS/OS Minus, S/OS Minus, M/OS, L/OS Plus, and XL/OS Plus. Your bag can include any combination of items in the sizes you select. If you choose L/OS Plus as your size option, you could receive items in size L and items in size OS Plus in any combination. They may all be Large, they may all be OS Plus, or they may be mixed. We’ve done our best to keep it varied, but it’s still a Grab Bag!

Bottoms Grab Bags will be available in 10 sizes. 00/XS, 0/XS, 2/S, 4/S, 6/M, 8/M, 10/L, 12/L, 14/XL, 16/XL. Your bag can include any combination of items in the sizes you select. If you choose 6/M, you could receive items in size 6, and items in size M in any combination. They may all be size 6, they may all be size M, or they may be mixed. For simplicity’s sake, we have only included “Regular” and “Tall” length pants in grab bags. This will allow shorter folks to have items hemmed, but will prevent taller folks from receiving truly unwearable items in their size.

Why did you decide to do Grab Bags instead of listing individual pieces?
It simply isn’t feasible for us to list all of our sample sale items online since every single piece is different. The convenience of an in-person sale is what allows us to have such great sample sale prices, and listing products individually would negate those savings. So, grab bags are a practical way for us to make sample sale items available to all of y’all online without adding prohibitive labor costs!

Can I return my grab bag or any items from my grab bag?
Just like all of our in-person Sample Sales, these purchases will be final sale!

What if nothing fits or what if it’s not my style?
Just like at our in-person sample sales, nothing is guaranteed! If nothing from your bag works out, Elizabeth Suzann items have a thriving second-hand resale market, or you could swap with friends or other members of the community.

When will my grab bag ship?
Grab Bags will ship within 2-3 weeks. We are hoping to send as many orders as we can before our holiday break on December 22nd, but we will jump right back into shipping as soon as we return on January 2nd!

How long will Grab Bags be available?
Grab Bags will launch on Tuesday, December 19th at 5:00PM CST and will be available on a first come first serve basis until December 31st or until we sell out.

How much are these items discounted?
The exact discount will depend on the contents of your bag, but all Grab Bags have been discounted at least 50% or more.

Is there a limit to the number of bags I can purchase?
Nope! Just like at our in-person Sample Sale, there is not a limit on the number of items that you purchase. We trust that our community will shop responsibly!

If I am only interested in receiving one or two items, can I order a smaller Grab Bag?
Unfortunately, for simplicity’s sake, we are unable to adjust the number of items in each bag or the price. If you are just looking for a piece or two, we highly recommend joining up with a friend or fellow ES community member to purchase a bag, then you can split the cost and pick which pieces work for you best!

Is this my only chance to purchase a Grab Bag?
We certainly hope not! But it will depend on a number of factors, including how this sale goes and if we have excess sample sale inventory on hand again in the future! We’re excited to try it, that’s for sure!

That's it for now, see you Tuesday!