May 31, 2018 • All / Events

Five years. It feels simultaneously like a lifetime and an instant. Elizabeth Suzann has gone from a tender idea, to a one-woman Etsy shop, to a budding vendor at craft fairs, to a thriving studio, and now to a bustling company that sells thousands of garments a year and employs forty humans - all in the past five years. Much has changed in that time, but much has also remained the same. Our building and our team have grown and evolved, but our philosophy and design principles are steadfast.

It’s a funny feeling and a bit surreal to sit down and reflect on this thing - this living, breathing entity that bears my name and that began as a long shot attempt at freedom. Had I known what the future had in store, what I was building, I’m not sure we would have made it. I would have tried to control it, to perfect it, and very likely would have crashed and burned. The fact that every step we’ve taken has been organic and natural and somewhat in the dark has given us a humility and gratitude that I treasure. The cadence of our journey is predictably unpredictable, and it keeps us on our toes. When we think we can’t push forward for one more day, a respite presents itself. When we’ve gotten a bit too comfortable, a tangled challenge is just around the corner.

Looking back at the past five years, at everything we’ve gotten wrong and everything we've gotten right, the thing I notice first is the distinct fact that I am no longer alone. In the beginning, it felt like Liz against the world. I was quite literally alone at the start, as a team of one, and then alone in my passion and care for the business as its owner, and then even as our team’s commitment grew, I felt metaphorically alone as our business model was new and unusual.

Now, I feel as though I’ve crossed the chasm. I am never alone amongst our incredible team - this is a swelling group of people who care deeply and sincerely about what we do, and they fight for it with as much passion (sometimes more) than I do. And we, as a company and concept, are never alone amongst you. Our community’s voice and support has gotten louder and stronger, and the respect and understanding of what we do makes us feel welcome and at home. At any moment, there is a powerful band of humans ready to rally behind us and lock arms with us. I know there will be more chasms to cross, but I know with certainty I won’t be crossing them alone. Today, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your camaraderie and kinship, for there is no warmer feeling than knowing we are in this together.

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