June 22, 2016 • Our muse

HOVER2_Harlow Dress [Moss Silk Crepe] + Bel Skirt [Moss Silk Crepe] + Elodie Work Belt [Moss Silk Crepe]HOVER2_Harlow Dress [Moss Silk Crepe]HOVER2_Harlow Dress [Moss Silk Crepe] + Bel Skirt [Moss Silk Crepe]HOVER2_Petra Crop [Ivory Hemp Twill] +  Nadeen Trouser [Ivory Hemp Twill]HOVER2_Petra Crop [Ivory Hemp Twill] +  Nadeen Trouser [Ivory Hemp Twill]HOVER2_Petra Crop [Ivory Hemp Twill] +  Nadeen Trouser [Ivory Hemp Twill]HOVER2_Petra Crop [Ivory Hemp Twill]


I met Jennifer a few years ago at Porter Flea here in Nashville. I had just moved to Nashville, and it was the first time I had ever sold my clothing under the name Elizabeth Suzann. I didn’t know anyone, or what I was doing, and the world of creators and makers (and customers that cared about them) was so new to me. I remember seeing Jennifer’s booth and being immediately impressed by her simple, striking jewelry (and her ingenious display that packed down from a 10' x 10' booth into two small suitcases). I bought a simple sterling silver metal cuff, and made a friend.

Since that day, I have worn that cuff more than any other piece of jewelry I own. It always feels like just the right finishing touch - it’s clean, minimal, a little bit edgy, modern and sophisticated. It makes my wrist feel delicate, and the color goes with everything. Every time I wear it I think of Jennifer, and her incredible eye for simplicity and eccentricity at the same time. I’ve never told her this (so here it is, Jennifer) but I think she is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met, and her style is on another level. Whenever I see her around town or here at the studio, she is dressed impeccably - but with that kind of casual ease that every woman tries to achieve. She pairs pieces I would never think to put together and she plays with scale and volume in such refreshing ways. She takes our garments and interprets them so imaginatively, and seeing her out in ES is always such an honor. When I was considering muses for this summer, I knew I was dying to see how Jennifer would style our spring collection. She graciously obliged, and when I saw the final images I was floored. She lives the way I dream our customers live in our clothing - gardening, cooking, snuggling furry friends, traveling, meditating - and really makes the pieces her own. A muse in the truest sense.

A lot of life has happened since we met at that market - she has stepped away from jewelry a bit and gone on to grad school, she and her husband have rescued and rehabilitated a beautiful pup, and they’ve created one of Nashville’s BEST Airbnb's (and she’s gotten a haircut that is the envy of everyone who’s seen it). She is a talented creative, but also a fiercely kind and good-hearted person. Thanks for taking the time to show us how you styled some of our SS16 Collection, and for giving us a peek into your beautiful home! If you’re coming through Nashville, I highly recommend checking out their ‘bnb (it even has its own Instagram!). You won’t regret getting to know her.

CITY: Nashville, TN

OCCUPATION: Full-time grad student, full-time Airbnb host, and sometimes jewelry maker.

FREE TIME: Nesting, gardening, cooking raw, paleo, and vegan food (often at the same time!), snuggling my pets and generally cooing over everything they do. 

WEEKEND PLANS: Estate sales, the Nashville Flea, lots of donuts, garden centers, mowing the lawn, procrastinating for school, and never enough putzing around with my best friend/love of my life/husband. 

DREAM: To buy some land in rural Tennessee and slowly build a life out in nature that’s as full as the one I have in the city, but with brighter stars and more crickets.  

TUNES: NPR in the car. Fats Domino for cleaning/dancing in the house. Garnet Mimms in the kitchen. Nawang Khechog for getting centered. 

READS: Currently reading/working The Inner Matrix by Joey Klein. Wishing I was on a beach somewhere reading anything by Barbara Kingsolver. 

EATS: The Post East for Bluegrass Brunch, Rolf and Daughters for date night, Mas Tacos and Five Daughters Bakery all the time. And anything made by dear friends, Rebekah Turshen and Hannah Messinger

ES FAVORITES: I have a slightly nubby, off-white Artist Smock that will forever be my favorite thing to wear when I want to look like an artist. Somehow, it makes me feel more like myself and more like the person I want to be, all in one blouse – AMAZING!

Follow along with Jennifer and her work online:
Photographed by Kelli Dirks for Elizabeth Suzann. 

Jennifer wears the Harlow Dress in Moss Silk Crepe, the Bel Skirt in Moss Silk Crepe, the Elodie Work Belt in Moss Silk Crepe, the Petra Crop in Ivory Hemp Twill, and the Nadeen Trouser in Ivory Hemp Twill. 
Note: Some items in this blog post were a part of a past collection and may no longer be available.

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