Published: July 20, 2016 • Editorial / Our muse


CITY: Greenpoint Brooklyn 

OCCUPATION: Writer and sometimes florist

FREE TIME: Dreaming big, sleeping in, and getting away. 

WEEKEND PLANS: Escaping upstate—seeing the whole wide sky and all that green and falling asleep to frogs and crickets does my heart good—it's like an internal reset button. Basically, being in the city makes you appreciate the country and being in the country makes you appreciate what you have in the city. 

DREAM: To wake up one morning with curly hair. 

TUNES: The Bones of J.R. Jones—my husband's project—I'm contractually obligated to mention him :) That, plus I think he's drop dead amazing. Also: Sylvan Esso, A.A. Bondy, Melaena Cadiz, Iron and Wine, Phosphorescent, Gillian Welch, Nico Case, Valerie June, Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou (amazing Ethiopian piano player)...and don't even get me started on old school hip hop. 

READS: Endeavoring to finish reading East of Eden—so many sentences in that book make me faint with joy. 

EATS: In my hood: Alameda for the best burger in the most beautiful setting, Achilles Heel for mind blowing snacks and stupid good drinks, Troost for hands down the best backyard and 100% unpretentious vibes, in general: always chocolate, poached eggs on leftovers, mezcal gimlets. 

ES FAVORITES: Those mules (!!!), Harlow Dress, Inez Midi, Inez Crop, Stevie Tie Top, and Maxine Crop. Too many good things to narrow it down really. 

Lisa wears the Diane Trench in Ivory Hemp Twill and the Stevie Tie Top in Ivory Cotton Voile.

Note: Some items in this blog post were a part of a past collection and may no longer be available.

Follow along with Lisa and her work online: 


Photographed by April Valencia for Elizabeth Suzann.

Lisa first caught my attention because she is arrestingly beautiful. We have been drawn to using real-life women who inspire us  in our campaigns, and we had seen Lisa around the interwebs on some of our favorite lifestyle sites. This line from her interview with Into The Gloss had me hooked:

“No matter what, I like to dress super basic. Just jeans and a t-shirt. Maybe a dress if it’s hot out. I’m into layering now as it’s getting cooler, so very simple pieces but that have interesting cuts to them—they're boxier, more asymmetrical, organic looking. You put 'em on, they do their thing, and it's all very easy. And I like to think that I’ll wear a lot of accessories, but I buy rings and necklaces, and they just sit in a drawer. I aspire to wear them all, but it doesn't really happen.”

She was clearly our kind of woman. When we looked into her further as a potential model for our Spring editorial shoot, scrolling through her Instagram I was captivated. She had such an honest, striking, look. I couldn’t shake the feeling that she was all at once full of mystery but utterly candid. Once we started working with Lisa, I became even more enamored with her incredible energy, spirit and creativity.

She is a gifted writer - one of my favorite articles of hers is this one from Garance on beauty habits (or lack thereof) which is literally the story of my life. And this one on the hilarity of fads (they hit beauty just as hard as fashion). And this, on the reality of shopping for a wedding dress

So, not only is Lisa a witty and refreshing writer, she is also a mind-blowing florist. Her work, done under the name James's Daughters Flowers, has been commissioned by the likes of Rachel Comey and Stone Fox Bride, and many truly lucky brides. Her arrangements are wild and inspired and not at all predictable. 

We ended up photographing Lisa for our SS16 editorial in NYC. She’s a NY native, so she was the perfect candidate on whom to capture our city-centric concept. Shooting with her was an absolute dream - she traipsed around the city with us - changing in bathrooms and hallways and taxi-cabs like a champ. Her energy was at a ten for the entire day - even when the rest of us were lagging after a day of shooting all over NYC, she was still smiling and laughing (she is just as hilarious in real life as she is in her writing).

It’s been an honor getting to know Lisa better over the past several months. She photographed her favorite ES garments a few weeks ago with photographer April Valencia for this feature, and I love getting a peek into her daily life in Brooklyn. These are some of my favorite shots yet, and they feel just as honest as those first images I saw of her. Thank you, Lisa, for being such a joy to work with and such a wonderful supporter.


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