There are over forty unique, hardworking, kind, talented people that comprise Elizabeth Suzann. Each of us plays a different part, and brings a different element of the organism to life. It's easy to generalize and speak about Elizabeth Suzann as a monolith, but that's far from accurate. Team Style Tuesday is a way to focus in on the individuals who work here at ES, so that we can connect and relate—human to human. It is our recurring feature that highlights members of the ES team alongside their role here, personal style, relationship with their body, and approach to getting dressed.

Most Tuesdays on Instagram, we dive deep and profile one individual with the hashtag #ESTeamStyleTuesday. On the other Tuesdays, we round up the individual profiles from the previous month into one comprehensive look-back, right here on the blog, so you can reference and return to it long-term. I am so excited for this opportunity to create even more connection between those inside our building and those outside of it. I hope that through this nuanced lens, you're able to learn more about what our team members do and how ES operates, and get to know the wonderful, distinctive humans that make what we do possible. It's also really fun to highlight the top-notch and diverse styling choices here at ES—the same garments take on totally different personalities when worn by different folks.

As always, we'd love to hear from you! After getting to know this month's featured team members, let us know what you learned, and ask us any questions you have in the comments!

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Desi wears:
the Georgia Tee in Midweight Linen - Ivory, size OS
the Georgia Tee in Silk Crepe - Moss, size OS
the Harper Tunic in Midweight Linen - Black, size OS
the Clyde Work Short in Cotton Canvas - Black, size 8




I’m on the Cutting Team at ES. Our team is tiny and also super tight. When people ask me what I do, I usually say something like, 'I help make clothes, so mostly I cut and lay fabric.' But that’s kind of just the gist.

We have a lot of small steps in our department that require attention to detail, patience, and teamwork. We’re essentially the start of the production process, so it’s important that we all work together to stay on top of our ever-changing goals and tasks. It’s been really fun learning and growing at ES, especially on my team.

We all kindaaa started around the same time as each other, and it’s been really beautiful seeing how much we’ve grown. I’m really proud of the work that we get done together.









I would describe my body type as...athletic? It seems like an umbrella term, but it's appropriate for how I feel. I’m 5’ 6". I feel sort of in between things. I’m like slim thick, baby. I’m strong. I like to run. I like to feel capable in my body, so I try to cater to that however I can. I don’t really feel the need to weigh myself. I think it can be healthy, but it’s distracting for me to focus on my body in that way.

I’m happy about the conversations I’m able to have with myself/my body at this point in my life. It’s been an ongoing process, and I think it’ll be a continued conversation I have in some way forever. But I think that goes for anything that you love really.







Clothing for me is a representation of my mood/who I feel like I am. When I’m getting myself dressed, I usually start with the question, 'Who do I want to be today?' That trails into questions that lead me to style choices. Am I feeling tomboyish? Femme? Cozy? Powerful? 

It’s usually a blend.

Clothing is important to me as a tool that I use to represent a part of myself that I care about. It has a way of speaking first for you, and I like to take authority over that type of expression.







Emily wears:
the Florence Pant in Midweight Linen - Flax, size L Short
the Clyde Jacket in Midweight Linen - Black, size M
the Isadora Tie Jumpsuit in Midweight Linen - Black, size M Short






 Over the years, we’ve built a close community of customers, and those relationships are so important to us! As the CR Team Leader, I work to make sure that we’re fostering those relationships and building new ones! We have some of the most intelligent, thoughtful, and curious customers, so I am always thinking about how we can better understand their needs and care for them. I also plan and execute our ES Markets, which is one of my favorite parts of the job.









I’m a small gal coming in hot at 5’ 2”. I realized in my early 20s that I don’t have a healthy relationship with the scale, so I haven’t weighed myself in years and instead try to listen to my body and what it's telling me.

Last year, I joined a spin studio, and I’ve never felt stronger or more empowered in my body! I’ve noticed my body change over the last year, but today I would describe it as curvy on top and strong/muscular on the bottom.










I tend to wear clothing that is simple, and I feel most comfortable in dark or neutral colors. I have a big personality, but I’m also super introverted, so I don’t like my clothing to speak too loudly. I’ve always been a behind-the-scenes gal, so I like to feel like I can move through the world without too much attention while getting shit done.







Kaitlin wears:
the Linn Tee in Midweight Linen - Olive, size OSM
the Petra Crop in Midweight Linen - Navy, size S
the Clyde Work Pant in Midweight Linen - Navy, size 4 Tall
the Georgia Midi in Midweight Linen - Terra, size OSM





I’m a member of the Fulfillment Team here at ES! We are the final step for a garment as it makes its way through production. We wash, dry, trim, iron, and pack the pieces sewn the previous day, all the while making sure each garment passes our quality standards. We are tasked with making sure we have every single garment for each order in our production plan, writing thank-you notes for every order, and shipping out your pieces each week.











 My daily work requires flexibility from my wardrobe. I’m often on my feet and moving for extended periods throughout the day, whether I'm steaming and pressing at an industrial iron or quickly matching orders with garments for shipping on our 'Boxing Days.' I love our Midweight Linen for its breathability and comfort at work and how its perfectly rumpled elegance allows me to feel pulled together enough for drinks after work with friends or a last-minute date night.










I’d describe myself as tall and thin, with curvy hips. My relationship with clothing has evolved over the past few years to be one of self-assuredness and comfort. Dressing myself for practicality and utility can also be an expression of how I see myself and how I want to present myself to others. I’m drawn to pieces that balance aesthetic and the real physicality of wearing a piece of clothing throughout my day.