There are over forty unique, hardworking, kind, talented people that comprise Elizabeth Suzann. Each of us plays a different part, and brings a different element of the organism to life. It's easy to generalize and speak about Elizabeth Suzann as a monolith, but that's far from accurate. Team Style Tuesday is a way to focus in on the individuals who work here at ES, so that we can connect and relate—human to human. It is our recurring feature that highlights members of the ES team alongside their role here, personal style, relationship with their body, and approach to getting dressed.

Most Tuesdays on Instagram, we dive deep and profile one individual with the hashtag #ESTeamStyleTuesday. On the other Tuesdays, we round up the individual profiles from the previous month into one comprehensive look-back, right here on the blog, so you can reference and return to it long-term. I am so excited for this opportunity to create even more connection between those inside our building and those outside of it. I hope that through this nuanced lens, you're able to learn more about what our team members do and how ES operates, and get to know the wonderful, distinctive humans that make what we do possible. It's also really fun to highlight the top-notch and diverse styling choices here at ES—the same garments take on totally different personalities when worn by different folks.

As always, we'd love to hear from you! After getting to know this month's featured team members, let us know what you learned, and ask us any questions you have in the comments!

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Natalie wears:
Clyde Work Pant in Cotton Twill - Black, size 0 Short (fabric unavailable)
Georgia Tee in Lightweight Wool - Charcoal, size OS 
Georgia Tee in Midweight Linen - Black, size OSM 
Sleeveless Kara Snap Dress in Midweight Linen - Black, size XXS





Maggie wears:
Asawa Tie Belt in Midweight Linen - Terra, size OSP
Clyde Culotte in Midweight Linen - Olive, size 14 Regular
Clyde Jacket in Cotton Canvas - Natural, size L 
Clyde Jumpsuit in Midweight Linen - Terra, size XL Regular 
Isadora Tie Dress in Silk Crepe - Black, size L