There are over forty unique, hardworking, kind, talented people that comprise Elizabeth Suzann. Each of us plays a different part, and brings a different element of the organism to life. It's easy to generalize and speak about Elizabeth Suzann as a monolith, but that's far from accurate. Team Style Tuesday is a way to focus in on the individuals who work here at ES, so that we can connect and relate—human to human. It is our recurring feature that highlights members of the ES team alongside their role here, personal style, relationship with their body, and approach to getting dressed.

Most Tuesdays on Instagram, we dive deep and profile one individual with the hashtag #ESTeamStyleTuesday. On the other Tuesdays, we round up the individual profiles from the previous month into one comprehensive look-back, right here on the blog, so you can reference and return to it long-term. I am so excited for this opportunity to create even more connection between those inside our building and those outside of it. I hope that through this nuanced lens, you're able to learn more about what our team members do and how ES operates, and get to know the wonderful, distinctive humans that make what we do possible. It's also really fun to highlight the top-notch and diverse styling choices here at ES—the same garments take on totally different personalities when worn by different folks.

As always, we'd love to hear from you! After getting to know this month's featured team members, let us know what you learned, and ask us any questions you have in the comments!

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Danielle wears:
the Long Sleeve Harper Tunic in Midweight Linen - Olive, size OS
the Petra Crop in Midweight Linen - Ivory, size M
the Andy Trouser in Midweight Linen - Navy, size M Regular
the Clyde Trench in Cotton Canvas - Clay, size S




"I’m the E-Commerce Director at ES. My team is responsible for our photoshoot and launch production, maintaining our website and managing our sales plan, creating our content calendar, and working closely with Liz and Little Team to create meaningful, long-term content. I also oversee our Customer Relations Team and am a member of the Leadership Team here at ES.

There are so many moving parts to ES. As E-Commerce Director, most of my time is spent in big-picture execution and strategy. Since manufacturing and sales are so unique at ES, I work closely with the Ops Team and Leadership Team to keep communication strong between departments and help unify us towards our vision. I love that everyday is different and filled with connection to our core values."







"My favorite parts of my job are when we have a chance to think deeply and critically about the content we are putting out there. Every little decision around imagery or language is intended to be thoughtful and inclusive. We always have room to grow, and I love that the culture at ES is one where we both celebrate what we have accomplished yet also strive to always be learning and do better.

I typically wear a Size Small or Medium in ES clothing, and can fit into both an OSM or OS depending on my fit preference in the garment. I would describe my body as fairly balanced; however I have a larger chest, and dressing around my smaller rib cage and waist size with a larger cup size can be challenging. Since my shape is very hourglass, I like to play with proportions to add depth and interest. I’m drawn towards midi lengths of dresses or skirts, slim cropped-length pants with a longer tunic top, and creating balance with garments like a crop top with a high waisted trouser."








"I prefer clothing that is timeless, beautiful, and durable. My favorite garments can carry me through a day spent working a photoshoot or bouncing around between meetings to the dog park after work or dinner with friends. I value clothing that is easy to care for and can be laundered with ease, that looks polished and effortless, and catches people’s eye with the quality of the fabric and timeless style. I’ve never felt more at home in myself then when wearing a Georgia Midi in Silk Crepe; it makes me feel like the boho creative of my dreams!"







Faith wears:
the Clyde Culotte in Midweight Linen - Black, size 16 Regular
the Harper Tunic in Midweight Linen - Black, size OS
the Georgia Dress in Midweight Linen - Terra, size OS (hemmed to tunic length)
the Florence Pant in Midweight Linen - Ivory, size 16 Short (hemmed to cropped length)




"In the early days, I was on the Sewing Team, but the commute (2 hours each way, 3 days a week) and the fine work (Hello, 50-something-year-old hands!) led to my first ES retirement. But a year+ later, I moved closer and returned to be the Facilities Manager. I often say that I’m a combination of den mother, lunch lady, and jack-of-many-trades.

My favorite parts of my work are anticipating the needs of the team, corporately and individually, meeting a need before someone knows they have it or ask for a solution, and assisting Liz and the Ops Team with design and systems solutions. When Mae, our Director of People and Culture, and I met with an OSHSA consultant, we learned that, in his 30+ years working in and auditing manufacturing operations, he had never run across a female facilities manager of any description or in any size business."








"So, while our business is small, so might be the beginning of women in industrial/manufacturing building management. I've begun to think about ways in which I could encourage other females to see themselves in this role. It's as fun as it is rewarding.

I do like clothes. And I like them best when they fit well and suit my reserved personality (read: classic, restrained, simple, comfortable, welcoming, relatable). My current season of life, which involves a lot of physical labor, whether at work or on our property, has seen my wardrobe gradually pare down to some pretty basic elements with fewer adornments than is even typical of me. I want to look cute, but the overriding mandate is function! And I need to like the pieces is in my closet—a lot—because I'm gonna wear them often."








"My body is the older, heavier version of my 5'4" athletic, H-frame build. I could name my weight, but as I’ve always weighed more than people thought I did, I’m not sure it would be helpful. I’m long-waisted (I never had much of a waist, but now I have none!), have a longer rise that doesn’t conform to petite sizing standards, and a short inseam. Tunics and shifts have been standby silhouettes for a long time, but they are even more essential as I’ve decided that I don’t need to endure the physical binding and visual bulging of waist lines any more than I have to. Away from work, I wear a lot of dresses."







Rachel wears:
the Petra Crop in Custom Fabric - size S
the Clyde Culotte in Cotton Canvas - Natural, size 6 Regular
the Harlow Dress in Silk Crepe - Navy, size M
the Asawa Tie Belt in Silk Crepe - Navy, size OS
the Linn Tee in Custom Fabric - size OS
the Florence Pant in Silk Crepe - Black, size M Tall





"I am a seamstress on the Sewing Team. The independent nature of this position allows me to expand my technical skills and develop a creative process within my daily requirements. The repetitive sewing is a meditative artistic practice, and the opportunity to participate in sample-making allows me to thrive in my position knowing that my skilled knowledge and ability is valued."











"Clothing is wearable art. Outwardly it is a way for me to visually express my identity and individuality. Inwardly it is a tactile embodiment of my being. The color, texture, and fit are my interactive medium. They are my nonverbal communication fostering inspiration and connection."











"I would describe my body as lean and active. I have very long legs in proportion to a short torso. I tend to need more length in the legs, though I often opt for regular sizes instead of tall since the crotch is usually too low for me. I wear both tight and loose clothes depending on the day."