I’ve never been a warm weather person. I’ve written before about how I prefer fall and winter - I’m much more at home swathed and wrapped in layers. There’s an internal reaction to my skin being exposed that is hard for me to shake. I never wear shorts or anything above the knee, and rarely wear anything sleeveless. This most certainly contributes to my affinity for the cold and the bundling that accompanies it. And yet, despite all that, my most fond memories are of times spent in the sun and heat.

The sunlight has a way of burning away the unimportant, the frond, the excess. When I’m on vacation in the summer, I often intend to work while I’m there, but never manage to get much done. It’s just too difficult to squint at a laptop screen in the sunlight, too dangerous to bring an iPad to the beach. Instead, I read real books. Play in the ocean. Laugh, sweat. I just sit, and feel the sun stinging my shoulders. Feet on the dashboard, windows down, sunglasses on, the radio all the way up. Even trips to the city seem longer and more full when the weather is warm. Traipsing through Central Park, panting and hot. Seeking refuge in a museum, likely The Met - feeling the chilled air-conditioning raise the hair on my sticky shoulders.

Forgetting travel altogether, sunny spring days are when I clean my house, shaking the dust from the rugs and unearthing forgotten artifacts from dark closets. Purging the unwanted, reliving fond days passed, familiarizing myself with my possessions, shaping what I want my tomorrow to look like. Even the most mundane springtime Sundays spent here at the warehouse are a romantic sensory experience - the quiet whir of a fan, bare feet on the cool concrete floor, the hot asphalt of the parking lot.

It seems, in my mind, that there is simply more real living to be done in the bright, warm, light of day. The dark, short, cold days of winter lend themselves to hours wasted. The dissonance between my self-proclaimed love for the winter (and there are indeed many things to love - twinkling lights, family-filled holidays, a season meant for sharing and giving) but my very startling realization that I’ve enjoyed the Spring and Summer seasons in a very rich and raw way is the driving undertone for our Warm Weather Collection. I’ve been working to bridge the gap between my enjoyment of the season and my discomfort with dressing for it.

How can I make myself, and others like me, feel at home in their own skin and able to freely enjoy the incredible experiences these warm seasons have to offer? What are we lacking, what are we longing for?

Comfort, first. Fabrics that are light, breathable, and look good worn and perhaps a bit dirtied. Shapes that stand away from the body, for those hot days when you just don’t want anything to touch you. Cuts that move with you, breathing and flowing with airy ease. Pieces that let me feel the warm touch of sun on my back and shoulders, but that don’t make me feel uncomfortably exposed. Something I can wear loose and big, but that I can also cinch at the waist and change the silhouette if I choose. Annie Hall with a smidge of Sophia Loren, right?

This launch completes our buildout of the current Warm Weather Collection - we launched Linen Gauze in April, and these pieces in Midweight Linen and Silk really round things out. Shorts that let you move and run, that aren't too short or too long, that acknowledge the reality of our bodies and how they behave. Ultra wide leg pants - namely the Andy Palazzo - that seem to generate a breeze of their own and give the romantic motion of a billowy skirt with the practical comfort of pants. Our beloved Maxine Crop, which is made for the warmth - tie it in the front or the back, loose or tight, high or low. Show as much or as little as you choose. And the styles I'm most excited about - the Isadora series. A jumpsuit and dress that tie at the shoulders, providing so much versatility in fit, look, and feel. The playful movement of the ties feel like the essence of summer. Reversible so you can wear the V or scoop neck in front or back, and named after the passionate and rebellious dancer, Isadora Duncan. Channel her confidence and ease - that's what I'll be trying to do. All in all, a collection full of simplicity, versatility, texture, and movement.

I have hungered for this summer. I am ready to tan my shoulders, to feel the sun and breeze on my back, to revel in the swinging folds of fabric. I welcome the sunlight, the heat, the damp skin and tangible air. I’m ready for the warmth of the coming months to clear my mind, to bring forward things that matter to me, and to wash away the shadows of things that don’t.

Photographed by Zachary Gray.

Hair & Makeup by Hayley Hayez.

Modeled by Yasmin Geurts, Nouri Hassan, Lydia Okello, and Molly Steele.

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