I know I’m a little late to the game here - it’s been an incredibly busy season for us. As many of you no doubt know, last week was Fashion Revolution Week. In remembrance of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in April of 2013, consumers and brands spend the week challenging the fashion industry in an effort to seek change. Customers ask brands where their clothes are made and by whom. Brands show customers just where and how they produce their garments. The result is a week-long celebration of transparency and discussion of ethics in manufacturing. 

The fashion industry is catching up to the food industry and individuals are beginning to think more about the behind-the-scenes story of the products they consume. We are incredibly privileged to have this conversation at all, to have real freedom of choice. But part of me balks at the neat branding and tidy packaging of concepts like responsibility, transparency, sustainability, and ethics. They aren’t boxes that can be ticked off - they are complex issues that must be worked at, improved upon, and upheld.

Deciding to use natural fibers, producing our garments in house, using a lean-construction model - these weren’t decisions we made in an effort to sell more product. These weren’t marketing decisions. It’s the way I want to do business, the way I want to make things. Doing things the right way and always, always striving to be better is integral to our brand, every week out of the year. And we are just scratching the surface. I know we have vast potential for improvement, and I have big dreams for reducing our footprint and increasing our impact. But our foundation was built with integrity, and every step we take will be a step in the right direction.

This movement is important. Continuing the conversation is essential, and I hope that more purpose-driven brands will be able to find audiences to sustain their endeavors. I encourage you to dig in, keep asking questions, keep looking beneath the surface. A question often asked during this week by consumers is “Who made my clothes?”. When customers ask this of Elizabeth Suzann, we have an incredible answer. I am so proud of the answer. Today, I want to highlight the talented team here at ES that makes your clothing. Their craftsmanship, care for detail, and passion for making wonderful things for women like you is astounding. I asked them to share their role, their challenges, their questions, their hopes for the industry and their place in it.

Without further ado, meet some of the beautiful people that make the things you wear possible:

HOVER2_Elliott W. - Sewing Team

HOVER2_Ashley A. - Sewing Team

HOVER2_Colette M. - Sewing Team

HOVER2_Taylor P. and Clemé B. - Fulfillment Team

HOVER2_Mary W. - Cutting Team

HOVER2_Alex M. - Sewing Team

HOVER2_Camille W. - Sewing Team

HOVER2_Chloe M. - Sewing Team

HOVER2_Morgan H. - Cutting Team Leader

HOVER2_Monica H. - Sewing Team

HOVER2_Alfie R. - Sewing Team

HOVER2_Lauren W., Emily G., Emily T., Chelsea O., and Kaitlin B. - Sales and Marketing Team



More from our team on the subject:

"I value who you are, I value what you do in your life, and I value you as a person. I sew your clothes because I am able to give you something special. To help you feel confident, empowered, like you can take on the world. I am your friend in taking that step. I don’t sew to make a garment, I sew for you.”

- Alfie, Sewing Team

"The choice to dress as we would like each day is an incredible luxury that is inseparable from responsibility—a responsibility to the clothing industry and to the water, plants, animals, human beings, and machines who sustain it. It is a luxury not to be taken for granted. If we have a choice when we get dressed each morning, we mustn't abuse that choice—that luxurious, unobstructed, and awesome choice. Because we have it, we must hold up and maintain a standard for our entire race and planet—for our use of water, the treatment of our ground, the nurturing of the plants and living beings that produce our fabrics, and the humans and machines that design and create the garments we choose to wear each and every day.”

- Chelsea, Sales and Marketing Team Leader

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