June 11, 2020 • All / Behind the scenes

As I departed from Instagram, I wanted to give Elliott a chance to share a few words with y’all directly, and am copying them here for posterity. Elliott has been a member of our team since 2017, is currently the only Black team member at ES, and has a perspective on our growth and this current period of transition that I also share. You can expect to hear more from Elliott if you continue to follow along with ES outside of Instagram.

“I’m sad (for lack of a better term) that ES won’t continue to exist in the way that it did when I was hired to work for this company. At that time I saw a business that was striving for a heightened level of consideration for employees’ health both physically and mentally, increased sustainability practices, intentionally amplifying traditionally marginalized voices who generally don’t get to see their perspective reflected in the fashion industry, producing garments that serve both the utilitarian and aesthetic needs of customers, just to name a few.⠀

From my perspective many of these things held true for many people, employees and customers. However over time, dealing with rapid growth and a perpetual desire for reaching new heights or accomplishments, I started to see some more nuanced ways in which the mission or goals of the company were increasingly having the opposite of intended results. ⠀

While I’m sad the context in which this brand and my job existed has shifted, it feels like a natural next step towards the broader overall goal of helping humans and our planet be here for as long as possible. I have so much love for the ES community, and amazing colleagues that I’ve had the opportunity to challenge, be challenged by, interact and grow with these past few years. I want the growing to continue. I want to hear customer testimonials in a couple months or years and be able to be proud of myself and this community for not losing the message. I want what I saw when I was hired, and I’m going to keep striving to find it.”