Katie H.

Katie H.

HOVER2_Artist Dress in Silk Crepe [OS Minus]

HOVER2_Georgia Dress in Midweight Linen [OS Minus]

HOVER2_Georgia Midi in Silk Crepe [OS Minus]

HOVER2_Elise Dress in Stretch Cotton [0, Short]

HOVER2_Harper Tunic in Midweight Linen [OS Minus] // Tilda Pant in Midweight Linen [X-Small, Short]

HOVER2_Marlena Tank in Silk Crepe [X-Small] // Clyde Pant in Cotton Twill [2, Short]

HOVER2_Marlena Tank in Silk Crepe [X-Small] // Clyde Pant in Cotton Twill [2, Short]

HOVER2_Georgia Tee in Midweight Linen [OS Minus] // Clyde Pant in Cotton Twill [2, Short]

HOVER2_Marlena Midi in Raw Silk [X-Small]

HOVER2_Georgia Dress in Raw Silk [OS Minus]

HOVER2_Marlena Dress in Raw Silk [X-Small]

HOVER2_Emma Kimono in Cotton Twill [OS Minus] // Marlena Dress in Raw Silk [X-Small]

HOVER2_Elise Dress in Stretch Cotton [0, Short] // Emma Kimono in Midweight Linen [OS Minus]

Location: Chicago, IL
Occupation: Ph.D. Student in Philosophy
Instagram: @butter_tree
Age: 28
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 118
Size: XS, 0, 2, OS MINUS

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Being a late-stage PhD student in philosophy is a lot like being a novelist (or so I imagine, anyway). You can't really wait for inspiration to strike and then write feverishly for days on end. You just have to sit down and write for a few hours every day without worrying too much about it and then, a few weeks in, take a step back and see what sticks. So, that is a lot of my life, at least when I'm not teaching: writing, editing down, elaborating, rewriting. I try to stick to what I call "Hemingway rules" to keep myself sane: every day, write a set number of words or write from breakfast until mid-afternoon, whichever comes first, and then step away and let myself do other things. Ernest Hemingway worked this way (or so I was told while touring his house in Key West), so I figure that it will work for me. Here's to hoping that you don't also need to be a genius to be productive on this kind of schedule! When I'm not working, I'm usually in the kitchen or in the vegetable garden. My husband and I cook a lot of everyday fare together, but, occasionally, we'll take on something crazy-looking, like Yotam Ottolenghi's chicken pastilla (totally worth the trouble!). Sometimes I just get that itch. The longer and weirder the list of ingredients, the better! We also, after long work days, spend our fair share slumped on the couch, watching TV, mostly whatever dark, quirky things pop up for us on Netflix. We should probably get outside more. Lately, in fact, I've been thinking that we should fly out to Palm Springs, take in all the midcentury architecture, and then do some hiking in Joshua Tree. I'd like to do that before I graduate.

What you love about ES: There are a lot of things I love about Elizabeth Suzann, but, above all, it's that I feel put together and myself in your pieces. I'm a PhD student, so while that means that I spend a lot of time on my couch with piles of library books, it also means that I am often at the front of a classroom, teaching undergraduates or presenting research to peers and faculty. And when I'm up there, I don't want to be distracted by what I'm wearing because it probably means that others are too. I don't want to have to worry about necklines or hems or gaping, and I certainly don't want to be adjusting and re-adjusting my clothing throughout. Presenting new work is nerve-wracking enough as it is! I want to feel confident and at ease in what I'm wearing. I want it to be interesting, but I don't want it to shout. I'm the one who's supposed to be speaking, after all. The ES pieces in my closet check all the right boxes. I especially love the latest addition to my small collection, a Georgia dress in flax linen. I plan to live in it all summer long and into the fall, baking pies, mucking around in the garden, and maybe, just maybe, getting some more of my dissertation written!