Lightweight Wool Knit

Lightweight Wool Knit

Fiber Content: 100% Wool

Stitch: Jersey/Stockinette

Weight: 5oz/yd

How long it takes to biodegrade: 1 year

Its natural properties: Wool is a classic fiber, known for it’s beneficial natural properties. It is highly insulating but comfortable in all seasons, keeping a layer of air next the skin. It’s moisture repellent, shedding water easily. It’s wrinkle resistant, soil resistant, and durable to wear and abrasion. Wool is a renewable resource that biodegrades quickly and cleanly, and when managed properly sheep can be great tools for responsibly maintaining grasslands.

Where it’s made: New Zealand

How it’s made: This yarn is knit into finished garments in Brooklyn, NY (unlike our sewn garments, for which yarn is woven into fabric, and then the fabric is cut into panels), but we can look at the process of creating the yarn. The sheep are shorn every year. The fleece is removed without harm to the animal in one piece (a skilled shearer can complete the job in under two minutes). The fleece is then sorted by color and fineness of fiber into different grades. The grades are determined by the diameter of the fiber, which is measured in microns. The finer the fiber, the softer the feel. The graded raw fiber is sent to a textile mill for processing - it’s cleaned and carded, and spun into yarn. Multiple strands are plied together to create heavier weight yarns. If necessary, the finished yarn is dyed before being knit into a finished garment. This wool yarn is sourced from a responsible manufacturer in New Zealand that focuses on transparency and animal welfare.

What it is: A super fine, lightweight knit material that is warm and soft to the touch. A fine yarn combined with the smooth jersey stitch makes for a wonderfully stretchy and flexible fabric. Despite it’s delicate feel, the wool is hardy and will resist wrinkles and odors. Does not require frequent washing, and the naturally colored fiber won’t fade over time.

How to wear it: With everything, all the time. Excellent in all seasons - paired with silk and linen in the spring, cotton in the fall, and layered under heavier sweaters in the winter.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cool water with a mild wool detergent. Submerge in cool water, gently squeeze and release fabric to fully wet. Let soak, remove from water, and press with a dry towel. Stretch garment out to original shape, leave flat to dry. Press with steam once dry. Every wool garment ships with a complimentary wool brick - use this to comb out any pilling that occurs over time and keep your garment looking tip-top. This material does not need to be washed frequently, and will resist soil and odors. In between cleanings, steam to freshen and spot clean with cool water and mild detergent.