Malorie B.

Malorie B.

HOVER2_[a href=|/collections/signature/products/maxine-crop-raw-silk|]Maxine Crop [Eggshell Raw Silk Broadcloth / Small][/a]HOVER2_[a href=|/collections/signature/products/maxine-crop-raw-silk|]Maxine Crop [Eggshell Raw Silk Broadcloth / Small][/a]

Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Occupation: Communications Professional + Online Shop Owner
Age: 30
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 132
Size: S

Tell us a little bit about yourself: My strengths are also my weaknesses. I have a big appetite for life so I tend to spread myself out too thinly. Thank goodness for the calming effect of dogs, yoga and my family and friends who keep me grounded. One job isn't enough (at least for now). I have a solid career in media relations and social media, working for a research funding organization, but I also just launched an online shop to sell Canadian-designed and made sustainable fashion from several labels from across the country. I've been blogging about sustainable fashion for more than eight years and I parlayed that into personal styling, helping people reduce their wardrobes and get more out of their clothes. I'm on a never-ending journey to slow down, simplify and enjoy. I hope to carry this effort into the shop to help my clients do the same.

What you love about ES: Elizabeth Suzann, the brand, embodies the simplicity and genuine nature that I so admire in the people I surround myself with. Elizabeth Suzann, the clothing, perfectly represents my ideal wardrobe pieces - thoughtfully made with care by people who love their work, designed to last, and envisioned by a young woman who is turning business on its head and slowing things down. Can't praise it enough.