How it works...

  • We place fabric orders for the materials and colors we anticipate selling, and a preorder opens up for a specific style (or several).
  • Preorder remains open until we've reached the max number of units we can produce in the promised lead time, the max number of units we can make with the materials we have on hand, or we reach the date we've set for the preorder to close.
  • We submit the closed preorder to our factory, SewCo, so they can start production.
  • All preordered garments move through cutting, sewing, washing, and packing. We'll keep you posted along the way!
  • Preorders will ship out, and there'll be a window for exchanges before any additional inventory is available on the site.
  • The next preorder will open up a bit before the previous one ships out, so our factory can keep production running without a gap.
  • Keep an eye out here for upcoming preorders and to share feedback on design ideas, colors, and material options!

Preorders let you get the items you want, give our factory the benefit of economies of scale, minimize wasted resources, and improve our cash flow. Everybody wins. It just takes a little longer to do. It's worth it!

Preorder FAQs

Each product that is available for preorder will have its shipping deadline posted on the product page above the Preorder button ("PREORDER: Ships week of...").

This shipping deadline should be the latest date your order will ship, and some orders may arrive earlier.

Unless otherwise noted, we'll go ahead and send your ready to ship items so you don't have to wait for your preordered item to be produced. If you aren't in a rush and would like us to hold everything to ship at once, just shoot us an email and we'll gladly do that!

No different from our normal return policy. You'll have 30 days from receiving an item to initiate a return for a refund or free exchange.

Please see our full Return Policy for more information.

You'll be able to make changes to your preorder as long as the preorder window is still open.

Once the preorder window has closed, we won't be able to accommodate any changes, however you will of course be able to cancel your order at any time, and exchange or return your order for a refund after you receive it. Please see our full Return Policy for more information.

As long as your order has not shipped, we can update your mailing address. Please reach out to customer support as soon as you know a change is needed, as we'll be unable to change the address or reroute the package after it has shipped.

Most likely, yes! If a preorder sells out quickly, that means the demand is high for that item and we'll do our best to open up an another preorder for it soon when we're able to! We're limited a bit by fabric availability, but in general our goal is to have our styles available long-term (especially in our classic colors). Also, when we produce the items from a given preorder we'll almost always make a little extra to account for damages or exchanges, and that inventory will be made available eventually.

This is primarily dependent on the availability of our materials, but we'll do our best to keep this page updated with what items are coming up next so you can join the waitlist. We also have opportunities for you to weigh in on styles, colors, and fabrics you'd like to see, so you get the help choose what comes next!

If a preorder says sold out, it may just not have happened yet. If the preorder open date has passed and the items are sold out, then it has been limited by one of three things:

1: the number of units our factory can produce within the lead time we promise for the preorder. We make our best guess at the number of units we think we'll sell, and limit the preorder close to that number so that they can cut and sew everything on time. If we sell out quickly, we'll use waitlist data to determine how many to plan for on the next preorder!

2: Fabric availability. We only have a given amount of fabric on hand at any given time, and that limits what we can produce. We track what is selling and don't sell more units in a particular fabric than we can produce. This is why one color may "sell out" before another.

3: The preorder window we determine ahead of time. If we do not hit either of the two caps mentioned above, we need to close the preorder by a certain date so that we can give our factory final numbers to produce. They need to start cutting by a certain date to meet the lead time we promise, so we can't keep the preorder open for longer than planned!