Rib Alpaca

Rib Alpaca

Fiber Content: 100% Alpaca

Stitch: Stockinette

Weight: 30oz/yd

How long it takes to biodegrade: 1 year

Its natural properties: Alpaca fiber has a ton of great natural properties. It is more highly insulating than sheep's wool but lighter in weight, incredibly strong and durable, and as soft as cashmere. Naturally hypoallergenic, wrinkle resistant, renewable, and quick to biodegrade - alpaca is kind of a miracle fiber. The alpaca animals are very easy on the environment, with no hooves to trample and degrade grasslands. The produce more fiber per animal than sheep and goats, they don’t damage trees or other vegetation when grazing, and are very hardy, requiring little intervention to maintain a healthy herd.

Where it’s made: Peru

How it’s made: This yarn is knit into finished garments in Brooklyn, NY (unlike our sewn garments, for which yarn is woven into fabric, and then the fabric is cut into panels), but we can look at the process of creating the yarn. The alpaca are shorn every 12-18 months. The fleece is removed without harm to the animal in one piece (a skilled shearer can complete the job in under two minutes). The fleece is then sorted by color and fineness of fiber into different grades. The grades are determined by the diameter of the fiber, which is measured in microns. The finer the fiber, the softer the feel. The graded raw fiber is sent to a textile mill for processing - it’s cleaned and carded, and spun into yarn. Multiple strands are plied together to create heavier weight yarns. If necessary, the finished yarn is dyed before being knit into a finished garment. This alpaca yarn is sourced from a responsible manufacturer in Peru that focuses on traditional alpaca herding.

What it is: A heavy weight rib knit material that is super warm and durable. Thick and rich, the rib stitch gives the material solid stretch and good retention. Less soft than some of our other knits, but significantly warmer. This material is hardy and will resists wrinkles and odors. Does not require frequent washing, and the naturally colored fiber won’t fade over time.

How to wear it: This is a real winter material. Can be worn fall through spring, but will really shine in colder months. Pair with a thin base layer for serious insulation. We love this material paired with delicate silks and sturdy cotton canvas.

Care Instructions: Because of the structured rib-knit in this sweater, please dry-clean only and spot clean when needed. This material does not need to be washed frequently, and will resist soil and odors. In between cleanings, steam to freshen and spot clean with cool water and mild detergent. Every wool garment ships with a complimentary wool brick - use this to comb out any pilling that occurs over time and keep your garment looking tip-top.