This collection is the core of what we do. It’s our year-round grouping of classic staples - our best work. They are foundational, seasonless, versatile, well-engineered, functional garments that tell a positive story about who we are and what we believe. Fabrics are selected thoughtfully, so they are suitable for wear year-round. The ability to layer is essential - letting a garment live many lives as a dress, a tunic, a vest. The Signature Collection is ever-evolving with frequent improvements and adjustments made based on your feedback. From each new season, we pull the hardest working, best performing pieces and add them to Signature. These pieces have set their own standard, and that standard is high. They are your favorites (and mine), and they have been tried, tested, worn and washed a thousand times. The experimentation has already been done by others, and our Signature Collection has come out with the highest marks. You can buy confidently knowing this is the best we have to offer.