Washable Silk

Preview the collection available for preorder at 11:00am CT on June 25.

A note on price...

If you've been a long-term customer, you'll notice that the prices for our silk garments are higher than they've been in the past. The cost of our custom-milled, 23mm washable silk-crepe has gone from $22/per yard in 2019 to $32/per yard this year. Labor costs in the US have also risen significantly with the cost of living, and we pay a premium for high-quality, responsible construction of our garments.

These six styles use an average of 2 yards of fabric each, and with other trim and notion costs, they run an average of $72 per garment in material cost alone! With labor and transport costs added in, the cost to make each garment averages $107. This is strictly for production and doesn't include our development costs (like design, grading, fitting), selling costs (like photoshoots, marketing, running our website), or operating costs (like software, equipment, and our small team's salaries).

Traditional retail marks up the cost of production by 4X *minimum* to cover those operating expenses and earn a profit. We are a small operation, and are trying to remain lean and provide as much accessibility as we can for our products while still maintaining sustainable margins for our business, so we've priced these garments with an approximate 3X markup.

Still, I know these are expensive clothes! That's just a fact. I also know that the quality is absolutely top-notch, and I haven't found another ready-to-wear brand out there selling silk of this weight and caliber. Even much larger brands (that still produce great products) like Eileen Fisher sell their silk garments for similar prices, but use lighter weight fabric and don't manufacture in the US. I fully believe in the value of what we make, and I know that when you see and feel these truly poetic garments in person, you will too. We always have our resale marketplace and sample sale opportunities for snagging a deal, and we have more patterns and a silk fabric by the yard restock coming this fall, so we can support you making your own silk garments if that suits your fancy.

Thanks for reading, and if you've been waiting patiently for silk to return, I hope we can make your floaty, luscious, drapey dreams come true!