2018: Clothing Is ____ .

For our first Clothing Is ____ campaign, we wanted to connect with folks who we knew and loved and learn what role clothing played in their lives. We set out across the country to capture this story on camera, visiting people that embodied the spirit of Elizabeth Suzann in their work. I wanted to illustrate in a visceral, tactile way what makes these pieces of clothing such foundational objects in our lives—people who create, who add value to the world, and who view clothing as a means to an end (that end being a life fully lived), rather than an end in itself. I wanted to hear from folks whose clothes get worn and loved, who demand more than surface value from a garment. I wanted to see our linen covered in flour and splattered with paint, our silk wrinkled with sweat, and our cotton pockets full of the tools of a trade. I wanted to paint a rich, irrefutable picture that shows everyone in our community how much strength and beauty you each possess.

Clothing is a catalyst when your hand-knit sweater starts a conversation about the art of craft with a new friend. Clothing is a facilitator when comfortable pants let you bop around the studio working with complete freedom. Clothing is a shield when dark colors and high necks provide you with a feeling of security on a day that you feel most vulnerable. For me, clothing is a tool. It’s a tool that brings me physical comfort and visual peace so I can work effectively and think creatively.

Over the course of many months, we discovered what clothing means to the individuals below. Each feature is a visual exploration of clothing in their lives with an introduction to our relationship and their explanation of how they complete the sentence, "Clothing Is ____."

We also heard from the community. You completed the sentence for yourself and shared using the hashtag #ESClothingIs. Check out what folks had to say and share for yourself using our downloadable graphic.



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