Fabric & Care: 12oz Indigo Denim

100% Cotton, milled in a factory with Oeko Tex Standard 1000 certification. Heavy weight, sturdy denim in a gorgeous, washed indigo colorway. Reads darker in person than in photos, but has a true blue hue. The 12oz denim is ever so slightly darker than the 8oz denim.

Cotton is heavy duty, breathable, natural fiber that washes and dries beautifully. Ease of wear and care and potential for longevity are the reasons we selected this material.

12oz weight is sturdy and durable–perfect for hard-wearing pants and silhouettes that benefit from structure. While this material is heavy-duty, it's still super soft and comfortable. It will stretch with wear (as all 100% cotton will), but will shrink back up in the dryer if you need it to.

Indigo dye is natural and can be difficult to control–variations in color are to be expected and are not considered a defect. There may even be various hues within the same garment, and the color may shift and evolve over time. This material was washed at the mill, and our garments are washed and dried after production, so there should not be bleed-through, but some fading over time may still occur.

Wash on gentle cycle with cold water. Tumble dry warm. Leave unpressed for a casual look or press on medium heat with steam to remove wrinkles.

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