Joined ES: August 2013

The woman behind it all. Read more about Elizabeth here.


Joined ES: May 2014

Chris is our voice of reason, systems fanatic, organizational champion, and purple-sweatshirt wearing fool. Being married to the boss can be tough, but he handles it well. Chris keeps this operation running smoothly and stops Liz from making any (too) crazy decisions. Chris oversees our finances and makes sure our website is as fun and easy for you to use as possible. When he isn't working hard on our finances, website, and operations, he's starting his next book - most likely by David Allen or Stephen Covey.


Content Assistant
Joined ES: January 2015

Chelsea is always making sure that we have great content to share, and that it gets to you in the best way possible. When she’s not directing movement in one our photoshoots or bouncing ideas around with Liz, she’s probably on a long run with music on blast. *Cue Haim.* Chelsea loves to write and engage in topics that are constantly stretching her mind, and she inspires us all for it. During the day, she can also be found taking the most perfect photograph of a peach in the shadows of her home. Her evenings are spent cuddling her big fluffy dog, Jones, and her big fluffy cat, Albert, with a glass of French wine in hand. Frankly, having Chelsea in your life creates as much peace and mindfulness as her days spent!


Fulfillment Team Leader
Joined ES: March 2016

Taylor is our Nashville native and an important part of our Operations Team. She makes sure everything in the warehouse is organized, our production schedule is complete and on track, and your linen, silk, and cotton pieces arrive on time and wrinkle free. When away from the studio, Taylor loves to box and watch Food Network. You can find her smiling no matter what — especially when she is making and eating chocolate chip cookies. Read more about Taylor here.


Sewing Team Leader
Joined ES: September 2016

Effortlessly stylish and kind as can be, Alex is our Sewing Team Leader. When she isn’t helping to sew your linen, silk, and cotton orders, you can find her crunching numbers or working on new ways to make our production team more efficient. She also works incredibly hard at photoshoots and sample sales and is constantly setting the bar high. She is a four-square champ during lunchtime, too. Alex has the best collection of vintage turquoise rings, loves to dance, and could eat Asian food any day of the week.


Customer Relations Team Leader
Joined ES: January 2017

Emily G. is the Team Leader of our Customer Relations Team and our go-to for all of our pop culture needs! When she isn’t thoughtfully answering all of your questions, you will find her brushing up on the latest Anderson Cooper trivia. Emily never fails to make us laugh and she keeps the energy here at ES high. She is continually dreaming of new ways to improve our Customer Relations Team, and we feel so lucky to have her! Read more about Emily here.


Sewing Team
Joined ES: March 2017

A man of many talents, Elliott is a member of our Sewing Team. He brings with him experience in everything from restoration to tailoring to cobbling and is a master at sewing your Harper Tunics. His thoughtful, creative, and adventurous nature is also expressed through his music, skateboarding, and immersion in Nashville's growing art scene.


Fulfillment Team
Joined ES: April 2017

Kaitlin is a part of our wonderful Fulfillment Team! She helps to make sure all of your garments have been washed, pressed, and packed safely to arrive at your door. Her kind nature and positive attitude are evident in every action she takes, and her presence is a true delight at ES. Not only is Kaitlin a gal of many talents, but she is also a master at thrifting, and we are always excited to see her newest treasure.


Fulfillment Team
Joined ES: April 2017

Natalie is our extremely focused Fulfillment Team member. She helps to trim, press, and ship all of your garments, making sure they are perfect when they arrive at your door. Hardworking and as busy as ever, Natalie is finishing up her degree in Fashion Merchandising at O'More College of Design. When she finds a spare moment, she is likely cooking up a new pasta recipe or creating music alongside her boyfriend.


Executive Assistant
Joined ES: June 2017

Organized and always on top of it, Carissa is Liz’s Executive Assistant. She's a fantastic listener and cheerleader, and she stays calm and collected no matter what's going on. She helps to keep Liz’s day organized, projects on track, and the energy high. Carissa also has an enviable vintage collection (and shop!), excellent taste in fragrance, and is always looking for her next travel destination. Read more about Carissa here.


Associate Sewing Team Leader
Joined ES: June 2017

Eleah is one of our incredible Associate Sewing Team Leader. Not only does she enjoy creating beautiful ES pieces, but she does her own leather work and creates lovely pieces outside of work as well. Eleah believes no day is complete without a cup of coffee and some dog cuddles. She would be completely content to spend most days outdoors hiking or camping with her favorite four legged companion, Porter. She could also happily eat pickles all day, every day.


Design Team
Joined ES: August 2017

Maggie is our old soul with the most creative mind. She is a master of all, and she assists Liz in finalizing pieces for each collection, works on fit improvements, and sources new items. She brings a fresh, new perspective to every conversation and helps the team turn dreams into a reality. Maggie is also extremely artistic and naturally our go-to-gal for anything from adorable dachshund sketches to screen printing!

Janelle Costello

Sewing Team
Joined ES: September 2017

Janelle is one of the amazing members of our Sewing Team. She is also the proud dog mom of a beautiful husky named Blu. When she’s not working hard here at the studio, you will likely find her treasure hunting for new materials to work with, creating functional art, or weaving plastic baskets and rugs. Janelle also loves plants more than almost anything and enjoys creating planters for her brand, Earthwhile Collective. Basically, she does it all.

Alexandra Callahan

Customer Relations Team
Joined ES: September 2017

Alexandra is one of our most critically thinking minds and one of the faces behind our Customer Relations team. Alexandra loves that her work allows her to get to know our customers so well. Her dream day would include a late breakfast and being in a museum or garden where she is surrounded by lovely art and flowers to soak in. An even bigger dream day would include a trip to Portugal and a delicious slice of pie. Alexandra is a very talented ceramicist and hopes to one day run her own small business!

Samar Malek

Sewing Team
Joined ES: November 2017

Samar is our exuberant member of our Sewing Team! She especially loves any garment made with silk and imagines the rich life each piece she helps create as it will soon get to live out in the world. When she’s not sewing or being a disco dancing queen, she spends her afternoon's thrifting and coming home with pieces you always dream of scoring! You could also find her at home dishing up some incredible Egyptian meals from recipes passed down from her family. Samar is a believer that clothing is a great form of self-expression and communication, and no one rocks matching red lipstick and nail polish like she does!

Destiny Destefano

Cutting Team
Joined ES: December 2017

Destiny is one of our passionate and determined Cutting Team members! Destiny spent several months studying in London where she was introduced to her favorite author and editor-in-chief of Purple Fashion Magazine, Oliver Zahm. Purple Fashion Magazine holds a special place in Destiny’s heart, and she is very thankful to have had this experience and the opportunity to learn so much from her time there! She best summarizes her experience with, “It has a way of reminding you to remember to live in the moment. Carpe diem and all that jazz.”

Beth Rosenkranz

Fulfillment Team
Joined ES: December 2017

When you walk into the warehouse, you will find Beth working hard pressing, packing, and trimming your garments on our Fulfilment Team! When she’s not in the warehouse, she’s probably planning her next trip to her family's cabin on Lake Cumberland in Somerset, Kentucky! Her favorite things to do are eat, drink, & be merry... with plenty of sleep in between, of course. Beth uses her creative downtime to work on her sketching and sculpting and enjoys ending every day with a hot cup of tea.

Abby Coppage

Cutting Team
Joined ES: December 2017

Abby is our ever-stylish member of the Cutting Team. She enjoys the wonderful people she gets to work with, and the amazing sense of community she is surrounded by the most. Abby is best described as eccentric, creative, and kind-hearted. In her spare time, you can find her eating tacos, at Dino's, spending time with her Husky Pup, Haruki, or painting on the largest surface she can find! Her dream day would allow her the perfect balance of productivity and rest. I think we all agree!

Faith Kirk

Facilities Manager
Joined ES: February 2018

Faith is one of the OG members of the ES Team - moving from a Sewing Team member, to our Facilities Manager, and inevitably to our Studio Mom. She makes everyone feel at home just by the sound of her voice, she knows all of the answers, and she’s ten steps ahead of every project. She also makes the most delicious snack plates - not only knowing the way to our heart, but also to our bellies! The most common quote heard at ES is definitely, “How do I become just like Mama Faith when I grow up?” What a QUEEN.

Brittany Griffin

Cutting Team
Joined ES: April 2018

Brittany is our ever sweet and always smiling member of the Cutting Team. What excites her the most about coming into work every day is that she gets to create alongside talented badass women in a supportive environment! Whether Brittany spends her day thrifting or cooking with a delicious cocktail in hand, she always finds time for dog cuddles and a good hula hoop session in her backyard.

Desiree Destefano

Cutting Team
Joined ES: April 2018

Desiree is our spirited, globe-trotter member of the Cutting Team! She is quick to dive head first and put all of her energy into anything she does. Fun fact: she is the twin to Destiny, and they are truly the cutest duo seen to humankind! If she is not traveling or at ES, she’s probably around town watching her favorite new band with a bunch of her buds! Basically, if you want to have a good time and try something new - call Desiree!

Katie Palmitier

Associate Sewing Team Leader
Joined ES: April 2018

Katie is one of our Associate Sewing Team Leaders and a lover of all things outdoors! She has been sewing since she was eight years old and loves creating garments that women feel truly confident and comfortable in - and doing it alongside such an uplifting team makes it all the better! Katie’s dream day would be kicked off with a nice buzz of coffee with a side of pancakes followed by a beautiful hike to a waterfall. Tacos and ice cream would be waiting at the finish line, obviously.

Kelley West

Sewing Team
Joined ES: April 2018

Full of energy, Kelley is an amazing addition to our Sewing Team. She is a Tennessee native who has two cats and two dogs all named after video game characters: Mario, Zelda, Leona, and Dudley! When she is not hard at work here in the studio putting the finishing touches on your Clyde Jumpsuit, you will likely find her rock climbing at her local indoor climbing gym.

Sam Clement

Sewing Team
Joined ES: April 2018

Sam is one of our hardworking Sewing Team members! She grew up in a military family and has recently moved to Nashville after migrating all over the United States. She’s laid back and loves the outdoors! Naturally, her dream day would be spent on a farm drinking wine and eating cheese with a loaf of bread. Sam is also extremely knowledgeable in holistic health! Her kitchen is filled with tinctures, so if you’ve got a case of the sniffles - she’s your gal!

Kate Sharber

Cutting Team
Joined ES: April 2018

The easy going, fun, adorable Kate is one of our amazing Cutting Team members! She started with us part time with plans to move to California, but it didn’t take long before she fell in love with ES- and the feeling is mutual! Kate hails from the mountains of Chattanooga and feels the most at home on some wild new adventure or laying out in the sunshine with friends, wine, and a body of water close by.

Kari Cox

Sewing Team
Joined ES: April 2018

Kari is our multi-talented Sewing Team member that joined us all the way from the windy city. Before becoming a seamstress here at ES, Kari did production for jewelry designers, metalsmithing, graphic design, photography, and drawing! If she’s not expressing her latest creative outlet, you can find her hiking, working in her garden or playing with her bunny - The Bun. Kari loves the positive attitude around the warehouse as well as the good snacks. (Thanks again, Mama Faith!!)

Elaine Akin

Digital Manager
Joined ES: May 2018

Elaine moved to Nashville a few years ago after being born and raised in Arkansas, and we are so happy she is now on our E-Commerce Team! She studied English and Art History, and honestly, if she could be a professional student, she would be! She loves to spend her days visiting local galleries and museums (Fun Fact: she used to work at The Frist!), and if she can’t be roaming the streets of Paris, she’d find herself a historic neighborhood close by with some cobblestone roads ready to whip out all the best cheese, bread, and chocolate.

Kaitlin Burnley

Fulfillment Team
Joined ES: May 2018

Kaitlin is a member of our Fulfillment Team and definitely our most musically talented member of the team! She has been playing the French Horn ever since she can remember and used to work as a Hospice Music Therapist before finding a home at ES. When she’s not at ES or playing music, you can find her experimenting in the kitchen! Her dream day would be waking up with the sunrise (somewhere warm and tropical) and having breakfast on a porch with a book and plenty of coffee.

Rachel Wood

Sewing Team
Joined ES: October 2018

Rachel is a long time Elizabeth Suzann fan who moved from California to join the Sewing Team! As a highly curious person who never leaves the house without a book, she’s always excited to learn something new. Her current goal? Mastering pottery and the cello! She’s also an incredible self-taught seamstress who loves to roller skate and dreams of being a beekeeper one day. Friends would describe Rachel as “a warm beam of light whose presence is more often felt than heard,” and we couldn’t agree more!

Lily Sharp

Sewing Team
Joined ES: November 2018

Lily, a Tennessee native, is our outgoing, upbeat Sewing Team Member! She loves meeting new people and spends her evenings seeing live music or dancing the night away. During her downtime, you can find her cooking up something fresh or going for a long run. Lily loves the ES community and working along such like-minded and talented individuals. Her dream day would consist of shopping for a new outfit, flaunting said outfit at a fun dinner with friends, and then shaking said outfit out on the dance floor!

Liz Somerville

Fulfillment Team
Joined ES: November 2018

Hailing from Michigan, Liz is an inspiring addition to the Fulfillment Team! She is a lover of goodness, beauty, and truth with a keen awareness of her surroundings and an eye for the smallest details. Liz is enamored by good design and architecture, and in her downtime, she can be found exploring the shapes of new cities and searching for her heroine, Zaha Hadid’s, footprints. Liz’s dream day would begin by watching the sunrise and come to an end only after time well spent galavanting through art galleries and museums.

Mae Redha

People & Culture Director
Joined ES: December 2018

Mae is our People & Culture Director, and we couldn't be happier that she is here! Although she may have vetoed our idea of creating a zip line from the mezzanine down to the first floor due to the obvious liability - she may be the most fun person at the studio! Mae is a positive force with an immense amount of wit and a true go with the flow presence. Her dream day starts with an espresso (zing!), moves to brunch with her ladies, then to a flick at the Belcourt, and ends with happy hour at a rooftop bar. You can always count on her to be a listening ear, have your back, and ride the wave of a good time!

Danielle Graves

E-Commerce Director
Joined ES: February 2019

Danielle is from Seattle where mountains and bodies of water shaped and molded her into the person she is today. Even in Nashville, she jumps at any chance she gets to go on a hike and soak up the sun. Danielle believes that sustainability and doing the right thing are not simply bonuses and is proud to work for a company founded on those same beliefs. Danielle lives by Joseph Campbell's quote, "Follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be." And we assure you when those doors open, her trusty Golden Retriever, Lucy, is strutting through them right by her side.


Sewing Team
Joined ES: May 2019

Preston is a member of our Sewing Team, originally hailing from Lincoln, NE. After graduating from college where he studied Textiles and Communication, he decided to spend a few years traveling and living in new places like Italy and Guatemala, experiencing the language, culture, and local cuisine. Preston is also an incredible chef, blending his knowledge of different cuisines with creativity and skill. The passion and care he brings to his craft is obvious in the work he produces, and we are grateful to have him as part of our ES team!


Sewing Team
Joined ES: May 2019

Wonderfully obsessed with natural fibers, Jaime is a talented seamstress and member of our Sewing Team. Originally from Minnesota, she has lived in both Los Angeles and St. Louis over the last few years studying and working towards her PhD in Medical Ethics. She is currently hard at work writing her dissertation, but still finds time to cultivate her varied hobbies, including working on her latest incredible knitting project (probably with repurposed yarn from old thrift store sweaters!), fermenting different vegetables, or rock climbing and spending time in nature with friends.


Visual Manager
Joined ES: June 2019

Ever aspiring to grow her creative knowledge and practice, Erica touches all things imagery here at ES with artistry and poise, making sure what our customers see is sincerely us. She grew up in New Orleans and attended college in Chicago, but she came to Nashville by way of North Carolina, where she helped a friend start a screen printing and paper making studio and shop. Having also worked with costuming in the film industry, Erica appreciates slow fashion’s motivation to challenge industry standards and to support an honest and focused workplace culture. Erica keeps her free time pretty low-key by hiking to a waterfall or quietly drawing at home. She also loves to unwind with friends over a nice meal.


Sewing Team
Joined ES: June 2019

Ask almost anyone here, and they’ve seen Margaret dancing in the ES kitchen. Margaret is a joyful, energetic presence bopping around the studio, often spotted wearing one of her own creations. She moved to Nashville after graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, but is originally from Dallas and grew up as the middle of three sisters. Margaret’s favorite pastimes—going on short adventures, hosting company, baking cookies, and watching movies—are made all the more special because of good friends. Her dream day would be spent going on an easy, early morning run, then reading with a friend in a busy place. They’d take a walk, cook a meal, then grab a drink and dance a little.


Sewing Team
Joined ES: June 2019

Warm-hearted, romantic, with a peppering of quirkiness, Kacy is a member of our Sewing Team at ES. Originally from Washington state, she moved to Nashville four years ago with the dream of becoming a ballet dancer. Around the studio, we’re often inspired by Kacy’s perfect vintage-style blouses and calming presence. Drawing inspiration from the past (her favorite decade is the 1960s), a perfect day for Kacy would include wandering around an old city without an agenda, or watching a repertory film on the big screen at The Belcourt.


Customer Relations Team
Joined ES: July 2019

Lydia returned to ES after spending some time away in the Pacific Northwest. We’re so glad to have her back! She was born and raised a proud Ohioan, and originally moved to Nashville in 2010. Now, she is tackling home projects together with her husband on their quaint, 1924-built craftsman home in between snuggles with their two Jack Russells. Lydia likes to express herself through clothing, cameras, paint, and interior design, but perhaps most of all—food! She loves to cook, and trying new recipes has become a favorite hobby these days. In addition to hard-working and loyal, a good listener is one of Lydia’s most distinct characteristics, which makes her perfect for our Customer Relations Team.


Sewing Team
Joined ES: September 2019

Victoria hails to us from Pennsylvania, and is quite the well-traveled sewer, having lived in 13 cities across eight states altogether! Her creative passion lies in haute couture and evening wear, bearing her design for a gown that toured the world and was published as part of André Leon Talley’s Little Black Dress exhibition and book. Victoria is motivated, optimistic, and adventurous, and loves to learn new things every day. She enjoys spending time outside and is constantly on the move—hiking, skiing, swimming, painting, dancing, and cooking.

Nalee Douangvilay

Sewing Team
Joined ES: October 2019

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nalee spent a year teaching English in South Korea before joining ES, and we're so grateful for the nuanced world perspective she brings to our team. One of the first things you notice about Nalee is her laid-back, welcoming smile. Self-described as “initially reserved,” she warms up quickly and exudes an up-for-anything sense of exploration. In addition to sewing, Nalee has many notable talents, including pole dancing for exercise—yes, it’s a thing!—and playwriting. In fact, she has had a one-act play produced! In her free time, Nalee enjoys hanging at a cozy coffee shop, listening to podcasts, and good food and drinks.