Joined ES: August 2013

The woman behind it all. Read more about Elizabeth here.


Head of Customer Relations
Joined ES: October 2013

Hourly squat leader, master of puns, spider-killer, and overall good influence. Lydia is our Head of Customer Relations, which means she's answering your questions thoroughly and thoughtfully, and helping with ever-tough outfit planning decisions. When Lydia isn't at Elizabeth Suzann, you can find her planning her next trip to Greece, playing soccer, or cooking her latest gluten-free recipe.


Joined ES: May 2014

Voice of reason, systems fanatic, organizational champion, and purple-sweatsuit wearing fool. Being married to the boss can be tough, but he handles it well. Chris keeps this operation running smoothly and stops Liz from making any (too) crazy decisions. Chris oversees our finances and makes sure our website is as fun and easy for you to use as possible. He also catches all of our punctuational and grammatical errors within our site's content. (Pressure’s on, Chris!) When he isn’t working hard on our finances, website, and operations, he’s starting his next book — most likely by David Allen or Stephen Covey.


Sewing Team Leader
Joined ES: September 2014

Fixer-of-everything and “yes-let's-rearrange-all-the-studio-furniture-right-now”-guy. Alfie keeps production on course, making sure your orders get sewn beautifully and on time. He handles our rowdy group of seamstresses, works with Taylor to keep fulfillment flowing seamlessly, and is always up for a new challenge. He also pulls devious pranks on everyone in the studio, but we'll get even eventually. Watch your back, Alfie.


Sewing Team
Joined ES: October 2014

Ray of sunshine, Queen of the Snapchat selfie, and occasional Tina Turner impersonator. Colette is a super talented seamstress – she is an expert with our silk garments and outerwear. When she isn't sewing, she's modeling in our campaigns, doing makeup on set, taking care of her beautiful son Sean, or teaching us how to dance.


Sales and Marketing Team Leader
Joined ES: January 2015

Taco fanatic, team cheerleader, and the one who's always trying to get us to do hip-hop cardio together. Chelsea is the head of our Media and Marketing, which means she makes sure we always have great content to share, and that it gets to you in the best way possible. She coordinates photoshoots, works on campaign development, documents our process and story, and helps share it with you. Chelsea also supports our group habit of eating way too much queso and loves Jason Derulo.


Joined ES: May 2015

In a nutshell, Maggie is a superwoman. She helps with shipping and fulfillment, production, and pattern making, and she is always up for a new challenge. If she's not whipping up a delicious homemade salad dressing, she's sharing new ideas and incredibly fun stories. She came back to intern with us for a second season, and if she doesn't return to us again at some point, we'll send Sierra to retrieve her. Sierra seems pretty tough.


Sewing Team
Joined ES: July 2015

Definitely the one you want with you when you get stranded in the wilderness. Ashley is our balancing agent - she keeps up with the crazy, but also reminds us all to stay focused and grounded. She introduced our team “Yoga Moments,” and for that glorious almost nap-time in Savasana, we are eternally grateful. She's quick to learn new garments, a pant-making pro, and keeps us grounded with podcasts and Icee breaks. She also brings us fresh veggies from her garden and takes the best puppy snapchats known to mankind.


Cutting Team Leader/Media Team
Joined ES: July 2015

Insane baker of cookies and maker of all amazing things to do with food. Emily handles our cutting and raw materials management, so she takes care of getting your items cut efficiently and on-grain for the sewers. Emily also works on our Media & Marketing team, ensuring consistency within our brand identity and creating beautiful, thoughtful materials for the world to see. When she isn't taking care of business, she's probably rubbing Odie's belly or instigating our next group outing to Dino's.


Joined ES: January 2016

Our #1 fan since the get-go, Suzi is the ES fairy who keeps our building looking fresh, our pantry full of goodies, and our minds at total ease. When she isn't camping, playing with her dachshunds, or scheming to acquire sheep farms, you can find her building displays for our showroom, painting a 4-square court in our parking lot, and preparing fresh salads for the team. There truly isn't anything Suzi can't do, and we're thankful this quality runs in her family, as well. ;)


Cutting/Bundling Team
Joined ES: March 2016

Bright and energetic, Sierra hails from Portland (but we plan on keeping her right here in Nashville). She loves a good tallboy, and embroiders the most hilarious and intricate sweaters. She also introduced us to the best sandwich in Nashville, so she's definitely a keeper. Sierra packages your garments and ensures they arrive at your doorstep safely and soundly, works with the cutting department, and generally keeps things under control in the wild west that is the warehouse.


Sewing Team
Joined ES: March 2016

A gentle but strong force, Monica is an incredibly focused seamstress. She makes sure your French seams are sewn as precisely as possible. When she's not sewing, you can find her reading an impressive novel or cooking up some bacon and eggs in the studio kitchen. She reminds us all to slow down a little bit and enjoy each moment we spend together, and it feels like she's been part of the team for quite some time.


Fulfillment Team Leader
Joined ES: March 2016

Our Nashville native. Taylor, recent graduate from O'More College of Design, pays close attention to detail and is an important part of our production team. She makes sure your linen, silk, and cotton pieces arrive on time and wrinkle free. Taylor keeps things in the warehouse organized and on track. Taylor loves to box and watch Food Network. You can find her smiling no matter what — especially when she is making and eating chocolate chip cookies.


Sewing Team
Joined ES: June 2016

Chloe is an incredible and speedy seamstress! She loves to sew linen and can make up to 19 Georgia Tees in one day. Chloe helped make costumes for Cinderella on Broadway, and she recently adopted a cat named Brutus. When Chloe isn’t sewing, you can find her at Belcourt Theatre or working wardrobe in major productions.


Fulfillment Team
Joined ES: August 2016

Katie is one of our amazing production assistants. When she’s not pressing and trimming your orders, helping with shipping, or bundling garments that are waiting to be sewn, she can most likely be found working on a new ceramic project at home, watching Chef’s Table on Netflix or eating an amazing meal with her husband. Katie comes to us from Athens, GA where she majored in photography while in school at the University of Georgia. Her kind spirit and detail oriented nature are essential to the process around here!


Sewing Team
Joined ES: September 2016

Camille is our newest seamstress! She has jumped in feet first, and it feels like she’s been here all along. Camille loves to write freeform poetry, put avocados on just about anything, and dance in the rain whenever possible. She appreciates the juxtaposition of Nashville living — she is near an ever-growing city but can reach the water and countryside to recharge in under 15 minutes. We’re so happy she’s with us — just in time to launch the Cold Weather Collection!


Sewing Team
Joined ES: September 2016

Effortlessly stylish and kind as can be, Alex is a seamstress here at ES! When she isn’t sewing your linen, silk, and cotton orders, you can find her working incredibly hard at photoshoots and sample sales. She is a four-square champ during lunchtime, too. Alex has the best collection of vintage turquoise rings, loves to dance, and could eat Asian food any day of the week.


Media Team
Joined ES: October 2016

Ever bright and perfectly eager, Lauren is a member of our Media Team! We knew Lauren was someone we had to keep around from the get-go. Although she recently moved to Nashville, is planning a wedding, and is a killer photographer, Lauren is always put together, smiling, and easy going. She’s as smart as a whip who brings detail, consistency, and care to the Media Team. Have you noticed how well-coded Our Community page is? That’s Lauren all the way.


Fulfillment Team
Joined ES: November 2016

Clemé is our team’s style icon—for real. You can typically find her in a pair of high-waisted denim, culottes, or our Florence Pant paired with the perfect vintage top or her newest pair of clogs. Clemé was recently married in her parents’ 300-year-old home, the oldest home in Franklin, TN. Clemé ensures your garments arrive to you wrinkle free and beautifully packaged. We hope a bit of her amazing cheer arrives with them, too.


Joined ES: January 2017

Margy is our amazing intern that we are lucky to have for the second season. Her positive and go-with-the-flow attitude makes Margy perfect for whatever task is put in front of her. She helps to trim, press, and ship all of your garments and often times jumps over to the cutting department to help Sierra cut and bundle fabric. When away from the warehouse, Margy is likely planning a trip to New York, watching The Office, or working hard to finish her last year in fashion school.


Customer Relations Team Leader
Joined ES: January 2017

Emily G. is the Team Leader of our Customer Relations Team and our go-to for all of our pop culture needs! When she isn’t thoughtfully answering all of your questions, you will find her brushing up on the latest Anderson Cooper trivia. Emily never fails to make us laugh and she keeps the energy here at ES high. She is continually dreaming of new ways to improve our Customer Relations Team, and we feel so lucky to have her!

Elliott Weaver

Sewing Team
Joined ES: March 2017

A man of many talents, Elliott is the newest member of our Sewing Team. He brings with him experience in everything from restoration to tailoring to cobbling and is already a master at sewing your Harper Tunics. His thoughtful, creative, and adventurous nature is also expressed through his music, skateboarding, and immersion in Nashville's growing art scene. Plus, who doesn't want to see a great head of hair everyday?

Morgan Hunter

Cutting Team Leader
Joined ES: March 2017

Morgan is our energetic and hardworking Cutting Team Leader. She handles everything from printing patterns to making sure all of our fabric is cut, bundled, and ready to go for the Sewing Team. Her background in design not only shines when at the warehouse, but it also shines while working on her own home renovations. When she is not watching Fixer Upper or channeling her inner Joanna Gaines, Morgan is most likely at the rock climbing gym or hanging with her two cute pets, Baxter and Guinness.