Visit the Showroom

We have a retail space located in our manufacturing facility. We love having the opportunity to meet our customers face to face, show them around our workspace, and try on garments in person. We have select merchandise for sale and we also have the full Signature Collection available to try on and order. Come visit during our shopping hours (listed below) for full access to the showroom, a tour, a drink, or just to hang out. 

Set up an Appointment

If you can’t make it to visit during our open hours shopping hours (see below), you can schedule an appointment to shop the showroom or take a tour. We try to accommodate all appointments, but cannot guarantee availability. E-mail to chat with someone about setting up an appointment.


We host ES events here at our studio several times throughout the year. Typically we have seasonal sample sales to clear out any returned or damaged merchandise, prototypes, one-offs, etc. Sample sales usually have a pretty big turnout - join us if you’re feeling bold, we always have coffee and donuts! We also have parties to celebrate product launches, support other artists, for the holidays, or just because we feel like it. Join our mailing list to stay in the loop about all our events.

 Fall Open Showroom Hours: Coming Soon
Contact to make an appointment.