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    **This is not a way to purchase a face mask for individual use! You will not receive a face mask if you purchase this product. Purchasing this product is a way to help offset our costs of producing masks for medical and service professionals in need.**

    While our normal production workflow cannot be done entirely from home, the production of cloth masks can. As part of ES's efforts to give back during the COVID-19 pandemic and while we are all working from home, we are creating cloth face masks to donate to groups and organizations that specifically request them.

    This is not a substitute for medical-grade masks. It isn't possible for home sewers or independent manufacturers to produce N95 or medical-grade surgical masks; we simply don't have the required materials or equipment. What cloth masks can do is provide limited containment of respiratory droplets if folks who are or may be sick wear them, which contributes to cutting down on community spread and allows medical gear to be reserved for caregivers. It has been suggested that they can be used over N95 or surgical masks to prolong their life. And as a last resort, they may be worn by those in need of PPE with no other option. 

    Thus far, we have received requests for masks from hospice care facilities, group homes that serve immunocompromised communities, veterans’ hospitals, medical facilities where limited N95 and surgical masks are being rationed to doctors and where nurses’ aides and other staff have no protective gear, grocery stores or essential service businesses whose staff have nothing to wear to keep themselves or their customers protected, and more. The stories we have received are heartbreaking and illustrate so clearly why this project matters. If you know of a location in need of masks and are certain they can effectively utilize cloth masks, email with details.

    Producing cloth masks is a way that we can make an immediate impact and help those in direct need by putting our time and resources to good use for the coming weeks. If you would like to contribute financially to help offset our costs of producing masks over the next several weeks, you can do so by choosing the donation level of your choice above. All masks will be donated free of charge to those who need them, and your contribution will go directly towards offsetting the wages we are paying to our team to work on this project from home. We estimate it will cost about $5 per mask in labor and materials, and we’ll share exactly how much funding we receive, how many masks we are able to produce, and where they are going.