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overstock - clyde culotte

Cotton Canvas

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Availability: This garment is in stock and will ship when we are able to return to work according to COVID-19 protocols. All Sample Sale garments are final sale. Visit our FAQs.

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    This garment is part of our online Sample Sale and falls into one of two categories:

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    • Overstock: This category includes unworn customer returns, photo shoot samples, as well as excellent condition garments that have been discontinued due to style, pattern, or fabric changes.


      THIS ITEM IS FINAL SALE. Learn more about our online Sample Sale, or visit our FAQs for more information.

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    • Description

      The newest member of the Clyde family. A wide-leg version of our classic Clyde Work Pant - we are affectionately calling these the "Wyde Clydes" around the studio. They have our signature, ultra-functional, and crescent-shaped side pocket and a fairly straight cut through the leg. They are the perfect alternative to our Florence Pant if you love the wide leg but need pockets. I really love how dramatic the silhouette is on these - the cinched-in waist contrasts sharply with the hip pockets and full leg.

      The Cotton Canvas material gives these a true work-wear, ranch-life vibe, but they can easily be dressed up. I love the cropped leg with a mid-calf boot for the fall and heeled sandals when it's warmer out. These are going to be my new studio pants - the comfortable waistband makes them perfect for hours at the computer or impromptu meetings on the floor, the pockets are great for stashing pens and notepads, and the roomy legs are ideal for dashing around the warehouse.

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      Looking for a wide leg pant with a simpler silhouette? Check out our Florence Series!

    • Material & Care

      Fabric: Cotton Canvas

      Fiber Content: 100% Cotton

      Description: Heavyweight, workhorse fabric with a distinctly architectural feel. The weave is one of the most durable - resisting pilling, thinning, and tearing by nature of its very structure. It has sturdy body and weight and will break in and patina beautifully with wear. Looks great pressed crisp or rumpled and worn.

      Care: Machine washable. Wash on cold. Tumble dry warm. Press on low with steam to remove wrinkles, or leave unpressed for a perfectly unfussy look. Will break in and soften significantly over time.

      *Cotton is a natural fiber and will fade and wear over time, which we love. If you prefer your garments to not show as much wear, hand wash and do not tumble dry.

    • Sizing & Fit

      Intended to be worn high at the natural waist relaxed fit through the hip and leg. Pockets stand away from hips. The wide, cropped leg hits above the ankle.

      Select your size with your hip measurement in mind as you want to make sure you'll be able to pull them up. On some bodies, you'll need to shimmy a bit to get them over your hips, but once they are on they should feel great!

      000 29" 23" 33"
      00 30" 24" 34"
      0 31" 25" 35"
      2 32" 26" 36"
      4 33" 27" 37"
      6 34.5" 28.5" 38.5"
      8 36" 30" 40"
      10 37.5" 31.5" 41.5"
      12 39" 33" 43"
      14 41" 35" 45"
      16 43 37 47


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      Sizing discrepancies, minor shrinkage errors, and discontinued patterns are possibilities with a Sample Sale garment, so your garment may not accurately reflect what a current and properly constructed garment will fit like. We also do not recommend basing future orders off of your Sample Sale piece(s)! 

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      All Sample Sale garments are final sale and are non-returnable and non-refundable. We encourage you to read about our online Sample Sale to learn why!