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overstock - clyde work pant

Midweight Linen

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Availability: This garment is in stock and will ship when we are able to return to work according to COVID-19 protocols. All Sample Sale garments are final sale. Visit our FAQs.

  • Sample Sale

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    This garment is part of our online Sample Sale and falls into one of two categories:

    • Seconds: This category includes garments that have been lightly worn or have a minor damage that should not compromise the overall integrity of the garment, as well as good condition garments that have been discontinued due to style, pattern, or fabric changes. 
    • Overstock: This category includes unworn customer returns, photo shoot samples, as well as excellent condition garments that have been discontinued due to style, pattern, or fabric changes.


      THIS ITEM IS FINAL SALE. Learn more about our online Sample Sale, or visit our FAQs for more information.

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    • Description

      The essential, classic, forever pant. Its deep, open pockets are cut a little wider than the pant leg giving plenty of room to hold a myriad of important things like your cell phone, car keys, pens, snacks, small animals... The center front and back seams replace the side seam on the leg giving it a long, lean look and allowing the crescent-moon-shaped pocket to span from front to back.

      In midweight linen, these feel seasonless and relaxed. Pair with a cashmere sweater and sneaks, and wear it for an entire weekend trip to the mountains, or wear them cuffed in the summer with a silk tank. Or, do what I do, and wear them all the time as very stylish pajamas that allow you to go from your couch to the real world without changing a thing.

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    • Material & Care

      Fabric: Midweight Linen

      Fiber Content: 100% Linen

      Description: Medium weight, sturdy broadcloth linen that can be pressed to a neat, crisp finish or left wrinkled after washing for a perfectly lived-in look. Linen possesses natural strength and durability, and it's a super friendly fiber on the environment. It requires very little processing and is virtually lint-free, hypoallergenic, comfortable in all seasons, insulating, and absorbent.

      Care: Machine washable. Wash on gentle cycle with cold water. Tumble dry warm. Leave unpressed for a beautifully rumpled look (as pictured here), or press on medium heat with steam to remove wrinkles.

      *Linen is a natural fiber and will fade and wear over time, which we love. If you prefer your garments to not show as much wear, hand wash and do not tumble dry.

      Click here to learn more about our Midweight Linen!

    • Sizing & Fit

      Intended to be worn high at the natural waist with a relaxed fit through the hip and leg. Pockets stand away from hips, and the tapered leg hits above the ankle. The linen pattern is approximately 1/2 size smaller than the canvas pattern because the linen will stretch out quickly with wear. They will feel slightly snug at first but should relax after a few minutes.

      000 29" 23" 33"
      00 30" 24" 34"
      0 31" 25" 35"
      2 32" 26" 36"
      4 33" 27" 37"
      6 34.5" 28.5" 38.5"
      8 36" 30" 40"
      10 37.5" 31.5" 41.5"
      12 39" 33" 43"
      14 41" 35" 45"
      16 43" 37" 47"
      18 45.5" 39" 49"
      20 48" 41.5" 51.5"
      22 50.5" 44" 54"
      24 53" 46.5" 56.5"
      26 55.5" 49" 59"
      28 58" 51.5" 61.5"


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      Sizing discrepancies, minor shrinkage errors, and discontinued patterns are possibilities with a Sample Sale garment, so your garment may not accurately reflect what a current and properly constructed garment will fit like. We also do not recommend basing future orders off of your Sample Sale piece(s)! 

      While we are unable to provide measurements for each garment at this time, feel free to email us at if you have any other questions.

    • Shipping & Returns

      Your ES garment is cut, sewn, washed, dried, and packed up for you all in our Nashville warehouse. We encourage you to read a couple of our favorite blog posts on pricing and Liz’s entrepreneurial story while you wait!

      All Sample Sale garments are final sale and are non-returnable and non-refundable. We encourage you to read about our online Sample Sale to learn why!