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second - marlena tank

Heavy Weight Cotton Knit

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  • Sample Sale

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    This garment is part of our online Sample Sale and falls into one of two categories:

    • Seconds: This category includes garments that have been lightly worn or have a minor damage that should not compromise the overall integrity of the garment, as well as good condition garments that have been discontinued due to style, pattern, or fabric changes. 
    • Overstock: This category includes unworn customer returns, photo shoot samples, as well as excellent condition garments that have been discontinued due to style, pattern, or fabric changes.

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  • Description

    This second generation Marlena Tank has been sized down a full size and the armhole has been dropped 1/2" from the first generation. If you ordered a medium last time, you would now order a large; If you're new to this style order true to size.

    Our beloved Marlena Tank reimagined in a soft, forgiving knit. This simple tank is an unexpected workhorse - the V-neckline is reversible and can be worn in either the front or the back. Wide shoulder straps provide full, flattering coverage but don't broaden you. Armholes are cut high but not tight giving you room to move but keeping the look super clean. Made in a substantial, quality stretch cotton that molds to your body allowing this silhouette to work for many shapes and sizes.

    Named after the Wallflowers song, "Three Marlenas," this tank is a total chameleon. Wear on its own with the crew side in front for a modern, minimal muscle tank vibe. Go V-forward for a dressier, simple look. Wear under light jackets, sweaters, and jumpsuits to add a pop of color or rolled edge peeking out at the neckline. Or, go full on Marlena, and layer over our midi version. Bonus round - wear the Tank and Midi necklines in opposing directions to get total coverage and a super interesting layered look!

    A simple piece that has more depth and purpose than most tanks. Organic, bias cut rolled edges trim all of the openings - a finish that honors the nature of the material and gels perfectly with the story behind the garment. This trim doesn't interfere with or contradict the nature of the fabric - it feels more like an extension of the way the material wants to behave naturally.

  • Material & Care

    Fabric: Heavy Weight Cotton Knit

    Fiber Content: 100% Organic Cotton

    Description: A super soft, organic cotton, stretch knit fabric. Sturdy rib knit that moves with your body but retains its shape. More structure and weight than a standard jersey but not too bulky or warm. Truly perfect for year-round wear. Durable fiber that washes and wears well.

    Care: Machine washable. Wash on cold, tumble dry warm, or lay flat to dry. Press on low with steam to remove wrinkles.

    *Cotton is a natural fiber and will fade and wear over time, which we love. If you prefer your garments to not show as much wear, hand wash and do not tumble dry.

  • Sizing & Fit

    Intended Fit: Slim fit through the chest and body, reversible v-neckline, perfect for layering.

    XXS 29" 23" 33"
    XS 30" - 31" 24" - 25" 34" - 35"
    S 32" - 33" 26" - 27" 36" - 37"
    M 34.5" - 36" 28.5" - 30" 38.5" - 40"
    L 37.5" - 39" 31.5" - 33" 41.5" - 43"
    XL 41" - 43" 35" - 37" 45" - 47"


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    Sizing discrepancies, minor shrinkage errors, and discontinued patterns are possibilities with a Sample Sale garment, so your garment may not accurately reflect what a current and properly constructed garment will fit like. We also do not recommend basing future orders off of your Sample Sale piece(s)! 

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  • Shipping & Returns

    Designed by Elizabeth Suzann and produced in collaboration with Alabama Chanin, each sample garment ships in 5-7 days.

    All garments are final sale and are non-returnable and non-refundable. We encourage you to read about our online Sample Sale to learn why!