Climate Beneficial™ Wool | Heathered Fawn Yarn Remnants (3lb bag)
Climate Beneficial™ Wool | Heathered Fawn Yarn Remnants (3lb bag)

Climate Beneficial™ Wool | Heathered Fawn Yarn Remnants (3lb bag)

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This is a delightful three-pound bag of yarn remnants (on the cone) from our wool production. This yarn was used to weave our finished Climate Beneficial™ wool, and towards the end of production we have some leftover yarn that wasn't used.

We can't bear to throw away good material, so we've been holding onto these remnants for a while and would love for them to find a home with you.

This yarn was developed for weaving, but can be used for knitting or crochet if you know what to expect. I am not a knitter, so you will know better than if this yarn will work for you, but it was developed for use on a loom so it is on cones, smoother than typical knitting yarn, and sized by gauge rather than weight. It is also expected to shrink and full after washing.

This yarn is 3/10 and 2/6 wool–you may receive either or a mixture of both! Cone sizes vary from very small to pretty full! You'll get at least three pounds of yarn regardless–we've excluded the weight of the cardboard cones.


  • Handweaving fabric to use for any number of sewn projects
  • Rug weaving
  • Tapestry weaving
  • Weaving a footstool or bench top
  • Knitting projects (for those that are comfortable knitting with a weaving yarn)
  • Anything else you can dream up


Gorgeous visible heathered texture—expect flecks of ivory and black throughout—and supple, rich handfeel. Not at all itchy, and super warm but light.

Our wool is sourced entirely in the continental US, drastically reducing the carbon footprint of this material because it’s not being shipped across the globe. The material is Climate Beneficial™, meaning the ranchers providing our fiber utilize land stewardship practices that sequester more carbon than their operation emits. 

Our fiber is processed and dyed by a family-owned dye house and spinning mill in the Northeast. Supporting these often decades-old businesses and continuing to invest in the US textile industry is a point of pride for this project. The fiber, weight, colors of our wool were all intentionally chosen and this material is exclusive to Elizabeth Suzann Studio.

Read more about Climate Beneficial™ Wool and FiberShed's important work on this project here.

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