Your FAQ Guide to Elizabeth Suzann's Washable Silk Collection

Before we wrap up our open preorder for our Washable Silk Collection tomorrow, we wanted to dive into seven of our most frequently asked questions from customers about this exquisite yet practical fabric. Read on for the top customer Q's and our A's! You can shop the full collection here which will be available to purchase through July 9, 2024. You also won't want to miss the Reel version of this FAQ, featuring Liz diving even deeper into all things Washable Silk.

The Georgia Midi in Graphite Washable Silk paired with the Andy Trouser in Ochre Washable Silk

What does Washable Silk mean?

Every Washable Silk garment we make has been garment washed and arrives to your door pre-shrunk and ready to machine wash as needed. Many comparable brands do not pre-shrink their silk and instead rely on you to dry-clean silk clothing or run the risk of shrinking an investment piece. The reasons for this are many-fold, but the big one is that silk fabric shrinks anywhere from 8-13% when washed, so it’s expensive to build that extra material into each garment, and most brands choose not to.

Our silk has a muted, ultra-soft feel with a barely-there sheen that comes alive with movement. It was developed for us in a custom, substantial weight and is meant to be worn and loved.

How does the weight of our Washable Silk compare to other brands?

Silk is a fine fabric, and it’s measured by “momme weight” rather than grams per square meter (GSM) or oz per square yard. Mommes (mm) are units of weight used to measure surface density, similar to the use of thread count to measure the quality of cotton fabrics. Higher momme fabric is thicker in texture and of higher value due to the higher content of silk per square meter. 

Our Washable Silk is 23mm, whereas silk garments produced by comparable brands are often around 14mm-16mm. What this means is that our silk not only has a more luxe handfeel and drape, but it is more durable which is especially important for silk bottoms!

The Florence Pant in Ochre Washable Silk

How do I care for my Washable Silk?

Silk is a natural fiber with inherent breathability and strength. This weave has a finer, more consistent look than some of our other fabrics, but it still has occasional variations. Color will vary from dye lot to dye lot. While silk is a very strong fiber in its raw form, once processed into fabric it loses some of its strength, and it is still a natural material that can and will break down over time. To ensure your garment lasts as long as possible, do not wear tighter than intended and pay attention to tension or pressure on the seams.

Machine wash on gentle cycle with cold water and air dry or tumble dry on low heat. Fabric may feel stiff or crispy if you choose to air dry, simply fluffing the garment by shaking it vigorously or tossing into the dryer for a minute will soften it up. Hems, necklines, and sleeves will wrinkle with washing. Press with steam to shape, and they'll return to crisp edges. Ensure that you wash gently and regularly especially in warm climates. Washing too frequently at high temperatures can cause premature fiber breakdown, but so can oils and bacteria sitting in material for extended periods of time, especially in areas affected by sweat!

I have a pesky oil stain on my silk. Any tips for getting it out?

Absolutely! We use a Dry Spot Cleaner stick like this one for small stains. It has been known to work on set-in stains sometimes, too!

The Georgia Snap Top in Midnight Washable Silk

In what season(s) can I wear silk?

Our Washable silk is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and thermo-regulating for year-round comfort. We encourage layering up in cooler months with a thin wool mock turtleneck underneath tops and dresses, or a chunky sweater on top! The combo of textures feels like ultimate luxury and comfort. 

Is Washable Silk the same fabric as the silk crepe from the 2010s? 

Yes! We first began selling washable silk in 2013, but at that time we were using a standard weight of 16mm. Over the years, we wanted a more durable weight fabric especially for our bottoms so they would hold up to more wear. We developed our custom 23mm silk in 2017, and today’s silk is the same as that material. 

Since the very beginning, every silk garment we produced was garment washed and pre-shrunk. We love the muted, slight sheen of washed silk and also wanted our customers to find wearing and caring for their silk to be quite simple. We are putting more emphasis on our silk being Washable because we are proud of this fact and want to ensure our customers know. 

The Georgia Tee in Midnight Washable Silk paired with the Andy Trouser in Graphite Washable Silk

I have a silk garment from the 2010s. Are these the same colors as Black, Navy, and Moss?

Yes! Over the years we have introduced a variety of different colors and for this preorder three standouts have returned including Black (now Graphite), Navy (now Midnight), and Moss (now Ochre). Read our new descriptions of these classic colors below.


When washed, our classic black silk crepe fades to a gorgeous, dark shade of Graphite that glistens in the light. This is our best selling shade of Washable Silk for a reason — it's simply gorgeous yet chill enough to wear on the daily. Graphite pairs well with literally anything.


This muted deep blue (formerly known as Navy) offers an elevated, refined, almost royal vibe that finds the sweet spot of modernity in our simple yet striking silhouettes. Midnight is a dark ocean of blue until it wanders into sunlight and shifts to a matte shade of freshly picked blueberry. Pair with our Graphite Silk Crepe for a match made in blue and black heaven.


Make a statement in this brown-meets-green shade we’re dubbing Ochre (formerly known as Moss). It reads like a wearable drizzle of caramel with only a hint of sheen. The luxe weight of this fabric comes alive in Ochre, making us feel fancy yet comfortable in the way only silk can. We love to wear Ochre with light neutrals as well as tonal shades of brown and green.

Do the Washable Silk bottoms have inseam pockets?

No they do not! :)
We hope any lingering questions in your mind have been answered with our FAQ Guide to our Washable Silk Collection! If you need any additional help placing your Washable Silk order, feel free to reach out to us at for the quickest reply! Head to the full collection here.

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