7oz Midweight Linen | Navy REMNANTS

7oz Midweight Linen | Navy REMNANTS

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Fabric remnants are pre-cut and available in limited quantities. Remnants help us reduce waste and save you money on lovely fabrics! They are *final sale* and cannot be returned or exchanged.

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Medium-weight, sturdy broadcloth linen that can be pressed to a neat, crisp finish or left rumpled after washing for a perfectly lived-in look. Linen possesses natural strength and durability, and it's a super friendly fiber on the environment. It requires very little processing, is hypoallergenic, comfortable in all seasons, insulating, and absorbent. Oeko-Tex certified.

Suitable for bottoms, tops, dresses, lightweight outerwear, and home decor projects.

Linen is a natural fiber made from cellulose fiber inside the stalks of the flax plant. It is a complete product of nature, and can vary drastically in color and texture based on the growing conditions of the season. Variations in base color and texture can be found even after processing and dyeing. Color will vary from dye lot to dye lot—if you need consistent color for several projects, order the yardage all at once so that we can give you one continuous cut from the same bolt.

Natural imperfections in weave are also to be expected and embraced—slubs, nubs, and occasional bits of organic matter are common in linen. If you are looking for the homogeny and perfection of a synthetic fiber or a finely woven cotton you will not find it in linen.

Material Details

Fabric: Midweight Linen
Fiber Content: 100% Linen
Weight: 7.08 oz/square yard | 241GSM
Width: 52-54"
Certifications: Oeko-Tex Certified
Care: Machine washable. Wash on gentle cycle with cold water. Tumble dry warm. Leave unpressed for a beautifully rumpled look, or press on medium heat with steam to remove wrinkles. To add some wrinkle-resistance to your material, dry iron on the highest heat before washing for the first time. Wash and dry on high heat afterward. Expect a fair amount of the lint on the first wash and dry, afterwards lint should be very minimal. For best results, prewash and press fabric before beginning a project. Our Midweight Linen shrinks up to 2% in width and up to 6% in length on average (on the first wash).

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