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Creative Motherhood with Amanda Jane Jones, Liz Pape, Katherine Theobalds and Faye Sevilla Smith
Faye, the owner of Sevilla Smith (makers of handlasted to order shoes that you may remember from early ES years!), pulled together an inspiring interview on all things creative motherhood.
The Often-Overlooked Impact of Fabric Cutting on Clothing Quality
When we talk about what makes quality clothing, our minds tend to focus on sourcing quality fibers and masterful sewing techniques rather than fabric cutting. In this post, we take a look at the the often-overlooked yet crucial role that precision cutting plays in the crafting of high-quality garments. 
Yossy Arefi: Clothing Is a Means
Yossy Arefi is a cookbook author, food photographer, and food stylist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her first book, Sweeter off the Vine, is all about fruit desserts - the very best desserts. Her newest book, Snacking Bakes (the follow-up to...
How to Make a Full Bust Adjustment to the Clyde Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern
Do you love a good jumpsuit but find the right size for your bottom half is out of whack with the correct size for your top half? The struggle of those with larger chest measurements is real! We have put...
How to Know Which Size to Buy

When it comes to sizing, every body is different and every brand is different. We want to make shopping with us as simple as possible. In this video, Liz shows you exactly how to determine which size to select when shopping with Elizabeth Suzann.

Signature Style & Fit Videos
Liz here (founder and designer)– I am trying on on six Signature styles to review the design and fit of each! Check out the Clyde Work Pant, Harper Tunic, Andy Trouser, Linn Tee, Florence Pant, and Georgia Tee with me.
Home is Where Stories Begin | A Conversation with Gretchen Duggan
Earlier this month we spent a fleeting end-of-summer day at the PNW coastal family home of Gretchen Duggan. Though I was 10 minutes from my own house, pulling into the long tree-lined drive felt like discovering a portal into another world, rich with...
Three Reasons We Switched to a Center Back Seam
Over the summer of 2023 we introduced a design update with our Golden Hour Collection that reduces waste, increases efficiency, and looks freaking beautiful. This change is being carried forward for all applicable styles throughout both Signature and Seasonal launches.
A Look Inside the Golden Hour Collection
On our last night, we drove into the park to take a few photos as the sun set. The glow of golden hour was as magical as ever, and we squeezed in portraits of each other until the light was gone.
Pulling the Thread — What to Consider When Buying Linen Clothing
Linen is one of (if not the) oldest natural fibers in the world, but only in the last few years has it exploded as a home and closet trend. Yet, the conditions required and methods used to grow flax for...
A Look Inside the Perfectly Imperfect Collection
In 2021 we relaunched select styles in a new-to-us cotton canvas made from a combination of 80% upcycled cotton and 20% LEED certified cotton. The upcycled cotton is a product of The New Denim Project in Guatemala that focuses on circular...
Money Talk
This blog post was originally published on January 1st, 2017. I am republishing it now–as is–because much of it is still applicable, and I think it's a valuable resource. Some of my opinions have changed and become more nuanced since...
Three Great Reasons We Garment Wash
Every garment we produce is machine washed and dried before we quality check and pack it. There are a few big reasons for this: ongoing washability of the garment, shrinkage and fit, and texture and finish of the fabric. I'd love to explain a little more about each.
Climate Beneficial™ Wool
Your browser does not support our video. 100% Climate Beneficial™ Sheepswool An immeasurably soft, heavyweight, plainweave wool that holds the shape of our garments with integrity. Gorgeous visible heathered texture—expect flecks of ivory and black throughout, these color blends give...
Select Styles Restocked and a Launch Date for Patterns!
Hi folks! I hope this letter finds you safe and well. 2021 has been incredibly busy so far on my end. Behind the scenes I've been working on getting the website cleaned up and reformatting all our product listings, finalizing...
Meet Elizabeth Suzann Studio
Welcome, friends! First things first, if you're here to shop, I restocked our Alabama Chanin x Elizabeth Suzann Collaboration and fabric "Remnants". They are both limited in quantity, so you may want to head there now before reading. Don't worry,...

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