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Elizabeth Suzann

My mission is to make clothing that feels like home.

To create clothing that brings you comfort, that helps you feel whole, that makes getting dressed delightful.

To encourage you to indulge in the sensory magic of clothing: fabric that floats softly around you as you move, skims the curves and planes of your body with delicious kindness, colors that speak to your heart and calm the mind, fibers that connect you with nature.

To provide you the opportunity to engage with the art of how clothing is made. Whether it’s made responsibly by our factory or you make it yourself, I prioritize and celebrate the joy of building a garment from scratch.

When you feel at home in your body and in touch with what clothes it, you are free to focus your energy on what matters most.


I'm Liz.

I have a passion for making things with my own two hands, and I love helping people find comfort and peace in their bodies through clothing. I am extremely introverted, and happily spend most of my time at home with my husband (Chris), son (Miles), and dog (Oatmeal). When I'm not working, I'm most likely tending to my garden or cruising Netflix. You can stay in touch with me by joining our mailing list, or e-mail liz [at] elizabethsuzann [dot] com to connect with me directly.

Guiding Principles

Well-crafted, beautiful, and functional products.
Because products that you love are products that you keep, care for, mend, and use for years. The most sustainable garment is the one you use often and for a long time, and I try to make things that will encourage you to do just that.

Responsible materials.
I am committed to reducing the social and environmental footprint of our material choices. I use natural fibers for my garments which are biodegradable materials that are produced using renewable resources. They require far less chemical engineering to produce, support traditional agricultural practices across the globe, and are safer to produce and wear than synthetics. Beyond the choice of the raw fiber itself, I am working towards improved transparency and responsibility throughout the supply chain. Moving towards low impact dyes is my next focus. Fabrics like Climate Beneficial Wool and Upcycled Cotton Canvas are big wins, and I am excited to keep innovating.

Responsible labor.
I design, pattern, sample, and fit our garments right here in my home studio. Every garment is cut, sewn, washed and packed by a small, woman-owned partner factory, or by a local independent contractor. After construction, everything is shipped out from our home studio by our small team.

Small environmental footprint.
As a business that produces new physical goods going out into the world, it is my responsibility to ensure I make every effort to minimize and mitigate any harm caused by our operations. I analyze the entire lifecyle of our products, and make improvements to extend usability and reduce waste wherever I can. My goal is to become a Zero Waste studio.

Inclusivity and accessibility. 
I strive to make everyone feel welcomed and celebrated through our imagery and marketing, our size range, our variety of fits and styles, and our purchasing options. Our clothing cannot be all things to everyone, but I aim to support as many folks as possible with our products.

Culture of teaching and redistributing resources.
Teaching others to create is an honor, and it's a wonderful way to connect people with the process of how physical goods are made. Understanding all that is required to make something from scratch is the first step towards making more informed and responsible consumption decisions. Additionally, my limited production capacity and higher price point (although justified) makes my work inaccessible to many, and teaching and creating access to my design work through sewing patterns is a way to mitigate that. As an individual and business with signficant privileges, it is imperative that I share information, access, and money with others that don't have those same advantages.

Commitment to my personal vision as an artist, and aligning my mental and physical health with my work.
When I uphold my own values, vision, and boundaries, my well-being--and subsequently my work--flourish. I believe I will impact the world most positively when I tend to my own needs with just as much care as I tend to the needs of our colleagues and customers.

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