Fabric Guide

Material Matters

I'm committed to reducing the social and environmental footprint of our material choices. I use natural fibers for my garments which are biodegradable materials that are produced using renewable resources. They require far less chemical engineering to produce, support traditional agricultural practices across the globe, and are safer to produce and wear than synthetics. Beyond the choice of the raw fiber itself, I am working towards improved transparency and responsibility throughout the supply chain.

Understated luxury
Midweight Linen

100% Linen, from an Oeko-Tex certified mill. Medium weight, sturdy broadcloth that can be pressed to a neat, crisp finish or left wrinkled after washing for a perfectly lived-in look. Linen possesses natural strength and durability, and it's a super friendly fiber on the environment. It requires very little processing, and is hypoallergenic, comfortable in all seasons, insulating, and absorbent.

Moves Like Liquid
Silk Crepe

100% Silk, GOTS and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Washed Silk Crepe that drapes and moves like liquid. Muted, ultra-soft feel with a barely-there sheen that comes alive with movement. This extremely high-quality silk was developed in a custom, substantial weight and is meant to be worn and loved.

Circular by Design
Upcycled Cotton Canvas

This mid-to-heavy weight canvas is sturdy and hardworking. Created in partnership with The New Denim Project, a third-generation mill in Guatemala that focuses on circular manufacturing. This material is created from cotton waste from regional factories and spinning mills. This discarded fiber would otherwise be considered waste, but in combination with a small amount of LEED certified virgin cotton, it can be successfully spun and woven into new fabric. 9,000 liters of water are saved per pound of upcycled material produced in comparison to using virgin cotton. Low-impact dyes and minimal water usage.

Fiber with Integrity
Climate Beneficial™ Wool

An immeasurably soft, heavyweight, plainweave wool that holds the shape of our garments with integrity. Gorgeous visible heathered texture—expect flecks of ivory and black throughout, these color blends give our custom-crafted shades their depth—and supple, rich handfeel. Not at all itchy, and super warm without excessive weight. Because of its moisture wicking properties, it’s sure to keep you comfortable on a brisk winter day, breathing as well as insulating.

Classic Blue
8oz Indigo Denim

Cotton is heavy duty, breathable, natural fiber that washes and dries beautifully. Ease of wear and care and potential for longevity are the reasons we selected this material. 8oz weight is perfect for a light jacket layer. It's heavier than a shirt-weight fabric, but light enough that you can wear it all day indoors or out without feeling like you need to take off your coat.

12oz Indigo Denim

Heavy weight, sturdy denim in a gorgeous, washed indigo colorway. Reads darker in person than in photos, but has a true blue hue. 12oz weight is sturdy and durable–perfect for hard-wearing pants and silhouettes that benefit from structure. While this material is heavy-duty, it's still super soft and comfortable. It will stretch with wear (as all 100% cotton will), but will shrink back up in the dryer if you need it to.

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