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Natural fibers, sustainable practices, and thinking differently about design, production, and consumption.
Dig into what we do and why we do it below.

HOVER4_[p][em]Clothing is so much more than a covering for your body. It’s a way to communicate, to speak without words about who you are, to arm yourself, to create an identity, to describe yourself as the person you hope to be. But, clothing is also a covering for your body. Clothing needs to function, it needs to be comfortable, it needs to not only fit into your life, but make your life easier, so you can do more important things than worry about what you’re wearing. My aim with the design of each garment is to help you build a wardrobe that serves both the need to express, protect and understand yourself through clothing that gets you, and also the need to get dressed easily and move through your day with confidence.[/em][/p]
HOVER4_[p][em]Every single garment we sell is cut, bundled, and sewn to order - in the same building that it’s designed, tested, and marketed. We do things differently than other companies - we don’t sell to stores, we don’t produce excess inventory, we don’t believe in instant gratification. Our process is slow, but it lets us focus on the quality of our work, the quality of our team’s lives, and the quality of the experience we can offer each of you. We hope the wait for each garment is a time to reflect, a time to anticipate, a time to appreciate what goes into bringing it to life - so that when it arrives, it’s a thing worth treasuring because it was a thing worth waiting for.[/em][/p]
HOVER4_[p][em]We believe in mindful, careful consumption. In reducing waste, in creating long-lasting garments that serve many needs so you can buy fewer of them. We care deeply about making things the right way. But, we also want to run our business the right way, and our business is more than just our product. Respect for the people we work with, relationships, our company culture, the environment, humanity, the natural materials we build our products from - it’s just as important to us as the things we make. It drives us forward and motivates us to do better - and we can always do better.[/em][/p][button][a href=|/pages/vision|]Read More[/a][/button]

The graphic below is a visual summary of how to find your size in various ES garments. Just find the measurements closest to your own body, and work to the left!

Click here to view our complete sizing guidelines.

If you are unsure about the sizing of a specific garment, our support team would be happy to help, so please send us an email before ordering!

If something doesn’t fit?

When ordering online, some items may fit differently than expected when tried on, which is why we offer free returns for store credit within 14 days of receiving your package. For details, see our Shipping & Returns policy.

If for any reason an item does not work out for you, we gladly offer free returns for store credit within 14 days of receiving your package.

  • We do not offer cash refunds at this time
  • Return shipping is on us!
  • Store credit never expires and is issued in the form of a digital gift card
  • It is our goal that you love your purchase, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you have before ordering, and we’ll be happy to help!

Please see our Shipping & Returns page for our complete policy.

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